Al-Qaeda's moral principals

  wee eddie 09:00 28 Aug 2013

Is it possible that Al-Qaeda considers a couple of thousand martyrs, by a Sarin attack, an acceptable price to pay for getting President Assad's Government into the International Communities bad books.

In other words: Might Al-Qaeda have carried out a Sarin attack on it's own people (they have the materials) in order to disadvantage the Assad Government in front of the World Community?

Or even to goad America into an ill advised retaliation!

  Quickbeam 09:34 28 Aug 2013

A conspiracy theory too far...?

  john bunyan 10:03 28 Aug 2013

Probably untrue, but we need to be very sure indeed that it was, indeed, government forces that fired a chemical weapon - if necessary even by exception sharing secret intelligence with the Russians - before involving the UK in retaliation.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:35 28 Aug 2013

"A conspiracy theory too far...?"

I think so too.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:53 28 Aug 2013

**"A conspiracy theory too far...?" I think so too.**

What, an organisation that will uses pregnant women and children as suicide bombers, an organisation that sees deaths of hundreds or even thousands as a worthwhile price to pay to achieve their aims.

But that does not mean that I think they are responsible for the atrocity in Syria but without a doubt they are more than capable of killing their own people if it furthers their perverted agenda.

  fourm member 11:48 28 Aug 2013

'they have the materials'

Sez who?

  wee eddie 11:49 28 Aug 2013

My giving Chronos's response the 'Thumbs Up' does not mean that I think they did.

But it does mean that I think that they might have, if they felt it would give them an advantage on the Americans in the Middle East Conflict Zone.

I am now leaning to the opinion that Assad may not have intentionally done the foul deed as, for him, it is a Loss/Loss Situation.

However I don't think he knows who did it and is worried that it might have been one of his own or an Undercover Mujahedeen in his Army.

  wee eddie 11:55 28 Aug 2013

fourm member: Radio 4 said, last night, that an 'A' Level Chemistry Student could almost make Sarin in their kitchen.

Apparently it is not complicated process, requires little equipment, and can be made from easily available chemicals.

  wee eddie 11:57 28 Aug 2013

I should, perhaps have written:

It was said, last night, on Radio 4 and the Speaker was not contested.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:15 28 Aug 2013


Welcome back. but sez is this the new you, getting down with the homies?

  john bunyan 13:28 28 Aug 2013

fourm member

A warm welcome back - you have been missed (by some)!!!

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