al-qaeda in mrsa plot?

  mrwoowoo 19:37 02 Jul 2007

A neighbour of the neurologist,who apparently is the brains behind the glasgow car bombings said.
"i thought he was a doctor as i saw him going to work in his scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck".
Ye gods,has he not heard of mrsa,or perhaps he has.After all it is a lot easier to pop off a few non muslims with mrsa than it is to get a car bomb to go off,which he later found out.

  Forum Editor 19:45 02 Jul 2007

who left his house in his scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck would arouse my suspicions immediately.

  sunny staines 19:56 02 Jul 2007

on the news it said he spent a lot of reading islamic webs rather doing his work,

  Al94 19:59 02 Jul 2007

Sad to say it's not all that uncommon. I've seen it too, along with nurses and auxiliaries getting on public transport in uniform before and after a days work, even in local supermarkets shopping on the way home. M & S have a policy of not letting them in though.

  p;3 20:48 02 Jul 2007

if the perpetrators or similar planners are happening to be browsing this site ( and FE would not know); then this thread's title itself could give someone an idea for another attack

  mrwoowoo 21:03 02 Jul 2007

i think mrsa is here to stay and not only nhs hospitals.
2 years ago i had a heart bypass at the London bridge hospital,where a collegue who had the same op,caught mrsa.A brilliant surgeon ( mr venn )and excellent team later i am ready to have my dressing removed.
With my wound not quite healed,the nurse went to put my portable heart monitor back on my chest,complete with trailing leads and pads.
when i said there was no way without the leads being sterilized first i was met with a very puzzled look.I duly explained that i had worn this monitor 24/7 for five days,even when going to the toilet for number two's .he kindly wiped all the leads down with mrsa gel and all was well.
Surely this should be routine and not done as a patient request?
i wonder if this contributed to my collegues mrsa?any one have any experiances,nhs or private?

  1911 21:07 02 Jul 2007

What I cant understand is what these people hope to gain from these atacks. All they do is to turn people against Muslims. America and Britain wont pull out of Iraq. What difference would it make if they did? The huge majority of Iraqians killed since the war started were killed by their fellow Iraqis. I suppose the rest of us will just have to wait untill civilisation reaches those parts of the world before we can live in peace.

  mrwoowoo 21:25 02 Jul 2007

what did they gain in northern island?
Years and years of bloodshed got them no where at all,basically they are back to square one and quite happy for it?....strange

  madgamer234 21:30 02 Jul 2007

When you throw a lit match into a box of fireworks then please don't expect the light show to go as the plans on the drawing board.

Not only that you cannot cry "fire" and say that you were not responsible for the resulting lose of life ,due to the panic,when "it was only a done as a joke"!

We started it,we take the consequences.It's that simple.

Have we already forgotten the strategy known as "Shock and Awe" where the US shattered Iraq "physically, emotionally and psychologically" by raining down on its people as many as 800 cruise missiles in two days.

The Pentagon battle plans not only crushed the Iraqi troops, but also wipe out power and water supplies in the capital, Baghdad.

And then we say we are there to help them re-build.Who is kidding who?

Are we really that surprised when others plan a revenge attack on the UK?This is not a game it is deadly real.It is but a part of our disastrous war.

  mrwoowoo 22:43 02 Jul 2007

Ok,ourselves and the u.s do go too far sometimes with our global moral crusade,but what is your answer?
Let saddam carry out his campaign to wipe out the kurds with the help of chemical ali's mustard gas.Let the taliban carry on enforcing the brutal regime against the iraqi people.Flog children for daring to fly a kite or have any kind of childhood,or women for showing their face or too much leg.

  stolensilver 22:45 02 Jul 2007

To be honest MRSA is nowhere near as bad as it appears to be from what you'd read in the press. Many people carry it in their nose with no ill effect. It becomes dangerous when people who are already ill contract it, hence the big drive to eliminate if from hospitals.

If Al-Quaeda wanted to cause havoc with germ warfare MRSA would be the wrong choice. Just in case they read this forum I won't post more virulent alternatives. ;-)

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