Aircraft Carriers

  ams4127 15:55 16 Jan 2012

In an article in yesterday's Sunday Times it was reported that the new F35c aircraft, which have been ordered by the MoD for the Navy's new carriers, will not be able to land on them due to a design flaw.

It seems that the distance between the main U/C and the arrester hook should be about 18 to 20 feet to enable the arresting line to be caught and stop the aircraft. Unfortunately, an error in the drawings means that the actual distance is 7 feet.

It seems that a total redesign is needed and this is going to cost many pennies, adding substantially to the overall cost which may stop the MoD from ordering any of the 'planes.

Words fail me!

  john bunyan 16:12 16 Jan 2012

I find the whole saga of the recent decisions re the Fleet Air Arm incredible.To sell the Harriers and decommission the Ark and Lusty , with at least a 10 year gap leaves a possible amphibious assault force,eg for Falklands without air cover which seems criminally irresponsible. How can this new story be true, and whose head should roll if it a wrong specification?

  Quickbeam 16:45 16 Jan 2012

Didn't the Hubble telescope have similar hubble bubble toil and trouble?

  Quickbeam 16:48 16 Jan 2012

Maybe the Queen can use it as a yacht seeing as it's no good for purpose. I believe she's after something of that sort for the Jubilee...

  sunnystaines 17:13 16 Jan 2012

if they are made in america, they should told if not fit for the purpose we will not buy.

  Forum Editor 18:03 16 Jan 2012

".....Unfortunately, an error in the drawings means that the actual distance is 7 feet."

Are there not other aircraft that would fit the bill?

  Quickbeam 18:17 16 Jan 2012

FE. If I was sold a car that was supposed to hold a drum kit with ease, I wouldn't want the salesman to tell me to take up the harmonica when a Mini was delivered!

  Woolwell 18:34 16 Jan 2012

It's older than that link. It goes back to a Pentagon briefing in November and an article was written in December Sky Talk. The F35 has failed all of its arrested landings so far. The problem is that nearly all the eggs are in one basket. This aircraft is the next generation aircraft for all of the US air arms. There are other aircraft around eg the F18E/F Super Hornet and the French Rafale but these are old designs without stealth. There have been rumours around but it would take an enormous about turn to change aircraft.

  Condom 20:03 16 Jan 2012

I've always had my doubts about these aircraft carriers. Basically an aircraft carrier is a sitting duck in time of war unless it has good defences. The USA has battle fleets which escort her carriers as a defence shield as well as F15 fighters which were built specifically for carrier defence.

What could we provide? From the sounds of things we don't even have aircraft that can even land on them never mind a fleet of supporting warships. I think the whole things sounds crazy.

  Aitchbee 20:37 16 Jan 2012

When I constructed my 'AIRFIX' airplanes 'n' warships, I made sure they were fit for porpoise...down to the last decal.

  ams4127 21:22 16 Jan 2012

Thanks Woolwell. The article I read didn't explain too much.

FE. As Woolwell says, any alternate aircraft would be of an old design and, at best, an expensive stop gap until something new arrives.

So, what I would like to know is how this monumental mistake has happened, who is going to accept the blame for it. Slopey shoulders all round, I'll bet!

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