Air strikes approved

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 26 Sep 2014

So we find ourselves in another war

click here

  wee eddie 18:57 26 Sep 2014

Unfortunately I see us slipping into a Vietnam type situation

  morddwyd 19:18 26 Sep 2014

Why all the shilly shallying and argy bargy?

In 1959, and I am sure at other times before and since, we sent half a dozen aircraft (well actually only four) and a battalion of SAS to the Gulf Coast and knocked seven bells out of the US supported rebels who were trying to de0 stabilise the area.

It took us two tears but we did it, without all this fuss.

I'm sure many of my contemporaries could tell similar stories from around the world.

  Flak999 19:21 26 Sep 2014

It's a token gesture on our part, six Tornadoes compared to the other coalition commitments, what will they achieve?

It's just so we can show that as usual we are standing fore square with the Americans in the war on terror, and there is of course always the threat of mission creep.

I think that these IS scum deserve to be annihilated, but unfortunately we do not possess the means to do that since the defence cuts. I think we should concentrate on defending our country at home, we no longer have the capability to take on these missions, lets leave it to the Americans, they don't need our help anyway. It's all tokenism.

  Woolwell 20:03 26 Sep 2014

The risk is that attacks will alienate and radicalise more Muslims in this country. However it is a no win situation and I cannot see that we had any alternative but to join in the attacks.

  bremner 20:39 26 Sep 2014


I have total respect for our armed focus and all the conflicts they have been involved in.

That said with respect to your personal service your comments at 7.18pm display a total lack of any understanding of the reality facing the forces of today and the conflict they face in the middle east.

We will not and cannot possibly "win" this conflict in two tears or 20 years. It is like nothing we have faced, possibly in our entire history.

  Woolwell 20:55 26 Sep 2014

The major difference between the past and now is that in medieval times (Crusades, Arab/Byzantine Wars, etc) is that we didn't have a vast Muslim population living in UK of which the majority are peaceful but with a significant minority who are not.

This type of conflict can only be resolved in the long term by winning the hearts and minds conflict, through education and the relief of oppression and poverty. In the short term we have little choice but to use force to stop the expansion of ISIL. Governments have been sleep-walking in to this situation.

  Aitchbee 21:24 26 Sep 2014

"Governments have been sleep-walking in to this situation."

And I probably would be right in thinking that not much MULTICULTURISM goes on in places like Iraq or Syria either.

  rdave13 22:16 26 Sep 2014

I don't believe the Governments have been " sleep-walking " to this situation. They've learnt through Iraq and Afghanistan that eventually Western intervention doesn't cure the problems just inflates it in other countries.

IS, or ISIL, have proved that in the name of their GOD they are allowed to be barbarians. Beheading and indiscriminate killings of men, women and children of their own kind is permitted by their faith.

We need to look after our own backyard very carefully as immigration has become positively dangerous to the health of this country in my very strong but humble opinion.

  Woolwell 22:21 26 Sep 2014

I think that Governments, especially USA, should have put on much more pressure earlier to cut off money and arms supplies.

  Forum Editor 22:21 26 Sep 2014

"We cannot keep doing this they have to learn to fight their own battles"

That more or less sums up the ignorance that swirls around the current situation in Iraq and Syria. A lot of people seem to have little or no understanding of the severity of the threat that is posed by the Islamic State militants.

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