Air Purifiers & Asthma

  Monoux 19:42 10 May 2007

I have heard that if you suffer from Asthma it may be helpful to put an Air Purifier in the room expecially where you sleep. Does anyone have any experience of this and does it help ?

I have asked the Asthma nurse and the Pharmacist at my local doctors surgery but both say they do not know, which I find a bit surprising

  mammak 20:18 10 May 2007

Hi I am Asthmatic and although I could not be certain about the benefits of this I can not see it doing any harm! also I hoover mattresses soft furnishings at least once a week and launder my pillows the same this seems to have helped me over the years.

  shizzy 21:29 10 May 2007

I understand it helps to give beds, carpets, curtains etc. a blast from a steam cleaner. Helps the dust mite problem. Haven't got asthma but do steam clean.

  mammak 21:40 10 May 2007

Great bit of advice I also steam clean probably about once a month.

  €dstowe 21:56 10 May 2007

Not an asthma sufferer but I do find that an air ioniser seems to "clear" the air in a bedroom and makes for easier breathing. These devices are recommended for people with all sorts of breathing problems.

Lloyds pharmacies were selling "Beconase" promotion ionisers recently for £9.99.

  Monoux 15:11 11 May 2007

Thanks for the responses so far folks.

The comments about frequent and thorough hoovering and the Steam cleaning bits are very helpful.

I understand that ionisers can help and that they encourage particles in the air to 'bind together' which makes it easier for filters in air purifiers to trap these particles, hence cleaning the air.

I was hoping someone would be able to pass on their experience of actually using a purifier.

Anyone ?

  spuds 16:33 11 May 2007

I once tried out one of those small purifiers that were being advertised in the national press a couple of years ago,didn't notice much difference, but I find a container of water near to direct heat helps, if you are in a stuffy/dusty atmosphere.

  €dstowe 16:59 11 May 2007

The Beconase device I mentioned above has an air filter as well as an ioniser.

  wee eddie 17:16 11 May 2007

The first thing to find out is what causes it. There are so many different things that might set ones system off, that that must be your priority.

If your Asthma is Pollen based, then Vacuums with special Filters, Non Allergenic Bed Linen and Pillows, Net Curtains or similar are the routs you should be thinking of.

Possibly get rid of the pets. I guess that Goldfish are probably OK though.

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