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The air is clearing, after only a couple of weeks

  wee eddie 09:03 05 Apr 2020

The air is clearing, after only a couple of weeks of shutdown.

Almost everyone, except Trump, expects Shutdown to last for 12 weeks, maybe more.

Already, those that live in Cities can see their neighbours clearly. Smog is clearing. We can listen to birds and insects, without the background drone of traffic and aeroplanes.

When the resumption of Normality becomes a possibility.

Will we desire it and what will we demand to maintain our clear air?

  john bunyan 09:40 05 Apr 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining! I think that the cruise ship ( that are polluters ) and airlines (ditto) industries will also be permanently damaged . More working from home , for those that can, will continue.

  Forum Editor 12:42 05 Apr 2020

"We can listen to birds and insects, without the background drone of traffic and aeroplanes."

I woke at around 3.00 am this morning and realised that there was nothing to hear. In the middle of the night we can always hear the faint background hum that is the M25 - the road that never sleeps.

No aircraft overhead, inbound and outbound to and from Heathrow, and no police sirens, no police helicopters - none of the sounds that are the background to life on the London/Hertfordhire border.

The birds and bees in the garden are going about their daily lives, oblivious to our situation, and this morning I have seen four butterflies - brave creatures that have been roused from hibernation by the rising temperature.

If it wasn't for the horrific statistics in the media it would be wonderful. My wife and I have now self isolated for two weeks, but two days ago, unable to get a food delivery slot from any of the supermarkets I ventured forth - at six thirty in the morning - to buy food. The supermarket shelves were full, but people were repeatedly ignoring the arrows that have been stuck on the floor to prevent two-way traffic in the aisles, and I saw two arguments at the checkout started by people who thought their needs for multiple items should override the rules.

Since my visit I have found myself wondering if I'm running a temperature, feeling out of breath, etc., etc. I'm not, but such is life at the moment - it's easy to understand how many people are suffering badly from the stress of it all.

God knows what it must be like for front-line medical staff in the hospitals - my respect for the personal risks they are taking to try and save the lives of total strangers knows no bounds.

  Quickbeam 04:48 06 Apr 2020

One great positive of all this virus mess is that we will have proven test results to backup the climate change theory that is denied at worst or played down at best.

Nothing will be the same after all this crap is over as Keir Starmer stated.

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