AIPTEK PenCam £2.98

  Covergirl 19:37 30 Aug 2004

Did anybody else manage to grab one of these from Currys this week - or was it just a local thing. Looks exactly the same as the Spy Cam from Trust @ £39.99 but comes in a AIPTEK box and priced at £21.98. This is not an ad ! I think Currys made a boob.
However, it does keep crashing when in webcam mode thro the interface provided. Anybody else got one of these and experienced similar under Win XP ?
Pretty crap Digicam pho*[email protected]: and slow frame rate but for the price . . . !

  conrail 21:34 06 Sep 2004

Had same problem when I 1st got mine so went to site and downloaded latest drivers, no problem since: click here

  Starfox 21:46 06 Sep 2004

Bought one 2 years ago from Staples and it's been great as a webcam,photo's not too bad either if your'e not wanting top quality.Cost me £9-99 when new.

  Covergirl 22:10 08 Sep 2004

I downloaded the software v1.1 (can't remember which AIPTEK site) and all exactly the same, but Conrails link led to v1.2 which I'm downloading now. Will let you know shortly !

Thanks for now.

  Covergirl 22:17 08 Sep 2004

. . . . then contradicted itself (with a typo) saying £21.98 - no ! I actually paid £2.98. How did I manage that and not spot it ?

  Stuartli 14:27 09 Sep 2004

Wow! Just think of all that money I wasted buying my Minolta digital camera...:-(((

Incidentally, like many other companies, Trust rebadges specialist products under its own name, from digital cameras to keyboard and mouse sets (usually from A4Tech).

  Covergirl 21:42 09 Sep 2004

Downloaded last night and no crashes since ! Thanks all.

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