To aid or not to aid

  namtas 16:26 11 Feb 2014

The Daily Mail has today launched a petition requesting that the UK government divert more of its £11 billion foreign Aid budget towards emergency use her in the UK.

I agree, and whilst not knowing the full story behind the need or use all of the aid sent overseas, I feel that quite often we appear to be more wiling to help others before our own.

  Aitchbee 21:25 15 Feb 2014

My sister lives on the eleventh floor of a multi-storey hi-rise flat [there's 150 seperate flats altogether on a relatively small footprint] ... never been bothered with floods one iota ;o]

  Aitchbee 21:29 15 Feb 2014

oops, hi-rise flat = hi-rise building.

  bumpkin 22:49 15 Feb 2014

Unlikely to get flooded on the eleventh floor of a high rise but if the basement is flooded, no electricity, no lighting, no heating, no lift.

  oresome 10:34 16 Feb 2014

A friend couldn't get insurance at standard rates from her existing insurer because of the risk of flooding.

This was due to a claim being made for a slow drip from the back of the washing machine going un-noticed for some time.

  Joseph Kerr 10:44 17 Feb 2014

"The trouble is that some people argue that because some food makes people fat no-one should eat anything."

Who says that? Not really relevant is it?*

I know what a straw man is, and those who do not can probably Google it if they care. Indeed, every keyboard warrior who considers themselves a great amateur logician and debater knows what it is, as they have made a point of Googling it and using the phrase as much as possible. I'm not specifically talking about you (I don't recall seeing you use it before, and I agree with your overall point) but there are some who use it almost daily, and it's incredibly yawnsome.

Oh, and this: click here, I got your real point though.


  Joseph Kerr 11:47 17 Feb 2014

"I got your real point though." should actually go after "*Yes". I wasn't paying attention, it seems.

  lotvic 12:23 17 Feb 2014

Joseph Kerr, good post at 10:44AM, I'll second that.

(The displaced 'Yes' is down to pca formatting, I have discovered that if you insert several spaces after you have pasted a url in then the next word doesn't get moved to end of post)

  namtas 15:00 18 Feb 2014


Seems that I wasn't as naive in my thinking as you would have us believe.

Three quarters of Britons think the UK's foreign aid budget should be diverted towards dealing with flooding in Somerset, according to an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes.

click here

  pavvi 16:42 18 Feb 2014


I wouldn't hold credence on ANY opinion poll as rarely do the pollsters publish all their questions. My point is made admirably by Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes Prime Minister:

click here

  namtas 15:28 21 Feb 2014

I wouldn't hold credence on ANY opinion poll as rarely do the pollsters publish all their questions

Thats as maybe, however it is not the case here. In this instance the full results with the questions put are available to all who care to look at them.

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