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To aid or not to aid

  namtas 16:26 11 Feb 2014

The Daily Mail has today launched a petition requesting that the UK government divert more of its £11 billion foreign Aid budget towards emergency use her in the UK.

I agree, and whilst not knowing the full story behind the need or use all of the aid sent overseas, I feel that quite often we appear to be more wiling to help others before our own.

  oresome 14:49 13 Feb 2014

Peter Oborne.............late of the Daily Mail.

  oresome 15:50 13 Feb 2014

An article in the Guardian illustrating that overseas aid money is not always spent where you may imagine.

click here

  Matt Egan 15:58 14 Feb 2014

There's a banker, a Daily Mail reader, and an immigrant sitting around a table. On the table are 12 biscuits. The banker takes 11 and then whispers to the Daily Mail reader 'careful, that immigrant is after your biscuit'.

I could of course talk about its history of pandering to Nazis and its owner's interesting attitude to paying tax. I could mention the fact that its editor owns a big chunk of Scotland and claims subsidies from the European Union his paper so loves to attack. But it's irrelevant.

It's a publication that trades on the understandable fears of a squeezed middle class. And posts squalid soft porn online. And it is hugely successful. But the idea that there is any connection between the foreign aid budget and dealing with the terrible flood conditions in some parts of the UK is both cynical and laughable. Just as laughable as is the idea that the trauma of being flooded (and trust me, I know) is in any way comparable to living in the developing world.

And there is another factor here. We are privileged to live in the UK. The poorest among us has a better living standard than most of the people with whom we share this planet. And that is in no small part due to the way that we both colonised the world, and we now take the best and brightest into our country as immigrants.

Finally, a more stable world benefits everyone. Foreign aid - when spent well - benefits everyone. To be blunt: people who live in stable, comfortable environments don't tend to grow up to become terrorists.

It is our privilege to share our wealth with poorer nations.

Unfortunately it is our burden to share the Mail with poorer nations. Hey ho.

  namtas 17:19 14 Feb 2014

Unfortunate maybe, however apparently to date 200,000 squeezed middle class have stood up and signed the daily Mail petition which is calling for some of the £11 Billion a year spent on overseas aid to be diverted to ease the suffering of British Flood victims.

  namtas 18:38 14 Feb 2014

And there was I believing that this was a serious subject, and as I put another log on the wood burner I was feeling compassion and a concern for those that tonight have no homes to go to. Seems that I am wrong to feel that and I should be making a joke of the situation as no one has actually died, (correction only one man has died) as it doesn't really matter and I am all right jack. No on second thoughts I cannot be like that, I do care and I am concerned and I do have feelings for those less fortunate than myself

  namtas 21:13 14 Feb 2014


Can we be factual?
I don't know of whom or of where you are quoting from, but it is certainly not the Daily Mail that are calling for the UK to abandon overseas aid to support the flooding. I don't know where you get that from, but I would add that that is clearly a silly suggestion. However if you could possibly borrow a copy of the Mail you would read that the petition is asking that "some of the £11 Billion a year spent on overseas aid be diverted" I can see that it does make the argument against look a lot more unacceptable when you misquote and I note that the FE makes a similar misquote in his post.

**Saying we should stop our foreign aid and spend the money to help flood victims is a ridiculous misunderstanding of the situation.

  namtas 12:09 15 Feb 2014

fourm member

You might say this proves the Mail isn't opposed to all foreign aid.

You might say that, I wouldn't, as it proves no such thing.

The truth is the Mail doesn't care about flood victims. It is exploiting their problems to pursue its own obnoxious agenda.

How can you say that this is the truth? I put it to you that you have absolutely no evidence to support your statement at all, what you are stating is your belief and your interpretation, which of course you are entitled to have, and that is sad as it shows a distrusting and unbelieving outlook on humanity.
But to give you the benefit of the doubt I am sure that we all would be delighted for you to show us the evidence that the Mail does not care about what is happening at present.

As for the Mails other empty words


Maybe perhaps the Mail and its 200,000 readers who have signed the petition, might just be thinking a tad about some of that money which has gone to support dubious UK Government projects. One of many being the £60 million largely squandered to 138,000 households in Pakistan on special debit cards each given £275 unfortunately many have never used debit cards, had never used a pin before. PIN numbers were forgotten, cards were sold, because they couldn't be used. Many never having held an ATM card tried to scratch off the metallic strip.

  Forum Editor 12:20 15 Feb 2014


I'm sure you're not naive enough to believe that The Mail is nothing but altruistic. a newspaper with the sole aim of campaigning to better the conditions of British people in need.

The management of the Mail has its own agenda, which is to sell as many copies of the paper as possible, and over the years it has become extremely good at manipulating its readers - both in the way they think, and the ways in which they act.

In common with a lot of people I have zero respect for Daily Mail journalism, which has on numerous occasions been discredited as cynical and manipulative. This thing about foreign aid is a classic example of how it is being used to exploit some peoples' natural inclination to believe that foreigners should not be helped, no matter what their level of desperation......unless the Mail decides otherwise, in which case it's OK.

  bumpkin 13:04 15 Feb 2014

"If the government were stupid enough to agree with the Mail's case and divert funds from foreign aid on this occasion do you think it would stop there?"

No it wouldn't, the Mail would be blowing its own trumpet as usual and claiming that it alone had won a major victory for the flood victims.

  oresome 13:24 15 Feb 2014

The management of the Mail has its own agenda, which is to sell as many copies of the paper as possible...

An agenda not confined to the Mail surely.

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