Aid for moon missions ?

  ex-wirecutter 15:18 29 Oct 2008
  interzone55 15:32 29 Oct 2008

"In May, Denis MacShane, former Europe Minister, asked why British aid to India, a country with more billionaires and millionaires than Britain and an economy 50 per cent larger, amounted to £1 billion"

Those points are easily answered, India has a population almost 20 times larger than ours...

  lofty29 16:51 29 Oct 2008

Yes india has a large population many living in abject poverty, therefore it would seem to me better for their government to be spending the money on them rather than grandiose schemes, and not relying on handouts, there are plenty of poor in this country that need help, OAP's for a start, charity begins at home.

  egapup 18:30 29 Oct 2008

The way things are going they'll be sending us aid.

  laurie53 20:05 29 Oct 2008

Large numbers of Indian cavalry stationed in my village during the war.

They were always good for a handout, some said better than the Yanks!

  Condom 20:09 29 Oct 2008

Would that be the ones wearing the uniforms of Custer's men. You carry your age very well.

  laurie53 20:21 30 Oct 2008

Don't knock it!

The sight of those moustachioed and turbanned warriors, still armed with lances in those days, straight from the pages of "Tales From the Raj" trotting down the street is stuff from which dreams are made, and is with me yet.

  Condom 10:52 31 Oct 2008

I would never seriously knock anyone who decides to put their lives on the line for their country. In my mid 30's and basically still only attending the TA for my free parachuting fun, I suddenly found myself heading for colder climes, weather wise, as it was certainly hot enough when we finally got there.

I didn't serve with any of the fine men you mention but I can promise you that their northern neighbours from Nepal kept the sub continent's reputation for bravery intact.

I hope you keep your fine memories intact as the closest I ever got to seeing such a wonderfiul sight was when some of these Indian Lancers attended the Edinburgh Tatoo.

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