Ah well, no change here then.

  bri-an 12:54 24 Jun 2010

click here

The Transport Secretary says he's 'disappointed' - what on earth does he think the rest of us are?
What will he do about it?
Now we may see what a new coalition can (or can't) do.

  sunnystaines 13:02 24 Jun 2010

this bonus culture needs scrapping

  spuds 13:31 24 Jun 2010

Once upon a time, people got paid to do a job. Nowadays it would appear that not only do they get paid well, but also get a large bonus for being under stress an in charge.

Perhaps the government should consider how public subsidies are provided and used, then take the appropriate actions for cost savings. I notice this particular gentleman had a 53% increase over the last year, now there's me thinking that the government put in a wage restraint and wage caps to the mere mortals.

  michaelw 13:31 24 Jun 2010

"Network Rail is of course a private company," said Mr Hammond. "But one that is dependent on taxpayer funding.

I still don't understand this 'privatisation' policy with train companies, and the government/tax payer still bungs shoveloads of money at them.

I heard the government are dishing out £100 million to South West Trains this year.

I think it's obscene.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:44 24 Jun 2010

Having recently had what will definitely be a unique experience of using network fail. I will chin and deck Hammond if I ever see him for his bare-faced cheek in imaging his service of cattle trucks represent a railway.


  bri-an 14:30 24 Jun 2010

And here was me thinking 'We're all in this together' -now who said that??

The 'top' people. ie CamCleg kinda folk, always seem to do OK regardless of the economy, whilst the plebs do the paying. But it is heartwarming that the government is disappointed, isn't it?

The king is dead, long live the king.

  Big L 266 14:50 24 Jun 2010


The people who should get a railway bonus are the poor long-suffering, over-charged, short-changed, seat-free, strap-hanging, cattle-herded, over-crowded, delay-ridden, constantly lied-to poor old passenger. (I hate the term 'Customer'!)

Renationalise it today. It worked better under British Rail than it ever does privatised.

Big L 266
(Ex rush-hour commuter from Silver Street to Liverpool Street Station.)

  bri-an 15:59 24 Jun 2010

Scoff - moi?

As is your wont, everything is, and was, Brown's fault.
Maybe this time you could be right, but my question is, what will our shiny new coalition do about it - seems they can do what they wish with people's pensions etc., but what about these 'fat-cat' remunerations? Why not introduce a tax-a-bonus at, say, 95%?
There must be something they could do to show 'we're all in this together'.

  Strawballs 17:19 24 Jun 2010

It's not Gordon Browns fault (you would blame him every time you catch a cold) it is the fault of the person responsible for privatising it!!!

  bri-an 18:05 24 Jun 2010

"Is it completely beyond you to accept that Brown created this situation?"

Only if he's given joint reponsibility with Thatcher and her ludricous hatred of rail. But then, you would hardly accept your 'goddess' ever did anything wrong.

Could the coalition be brave and re-nationalise? That would be a turn-up!!

Strange really that the new conlibs never realised these pending bonuses, or were they banking on 'the horse has bolted' argument?

Good to have friends who know how to take care of their own.

  Strawballs 22:40 24 Jun 2010

So why are you saying it is Gordon Browns fault "What went before is irrelevant"

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