An age thing probably

  tullie 20:56 13 Sep 2007

My current irritation is people saying,or writing things like,"I done it",instead of"I did it".Dont suppose anyone else agrees?

  tullie 22:13 13 Sep 2007

So you think the word "done",is correct?You must use it

  mrwoowoo 22:20 13 Sep 2007

"I done it"
"Nawt i mean" and" right" after every sentence.
Mind you,i expect we all do things that annoy others at times.

  skidzy 22:32 13 Sep 2007

My grammar is not the best,but i see no reason to ridicule those who have less educated grammar.
Some may have done/did better in school than others.

Something as petty as this topic seems senseless to me.
My apologies if i have offended anyone.

So there,iv'e said and done it :-)

  tullie 22:46 13 Sep 2007

Lots of topics in here seem senseless to some,dont get too serious.Things are often put in to get reaction.

  holme 23:00 13 Sep 2007

My reaction, therefore, is to say I really don't mind how people write what they write - so long as their meaning is clear to me the reader.

What bugs me is if they write something where their meaning is unclear or ambiguous, leaving the reader with the problem of trying to work it out. This includes e.g. postings where all hint of punctuation is omitted (adequately covered in "eats shoots and leaves") or words that are (often confusingly) abbreviated, e.g. '4' for 'for', or 'm/t' for 'empty'.

There was a posting only a few days ago where the first three punters to reply said much the same thing - but it transpired all three had mis-read the 'coded' posting so were talking rubbish. Grrr.

  natdoor 10:33 15 Sep 2007

"I see no reason to ridicule those who have less educated grammar." True, but one of the problems these days is that not only is grammar not taught but there are very few teachers capable of teaching it. So yes, an age thing!

One's language is initially acquired parrot fashion from parents and then from a wider range of sources of verbal and written material. Sadly the example from what should be the best of these commonly encountered, serious journalism in the press and on TV, does not display a consistent level of grammatical accuracy. My particular bugbear is the use, or rather misuse, of the personal pronoun.

This lack of knowledge or of care has given rise to the situation where a professor at a leading academic institution has compiled a book of grammatical and spelling howlers by students, some at Ph.D.level, which is to be published by the Queen's English Society.

  Marko797 10:50 15 Sep 2007

I should 'of', instead of I should 'have'.

Re: "I see no reason to ridicule those who have less educated grammar." (skidzy), I don't think anyone is being ridiculed, & I don't think (their) standards of educational ability are in strikes me that people write nowadays the way that they speak verbally to each other(street language?? - too old to know).

It's something (us) older ppl need to get used to and maybe tolerate (a bit like txt language), but as long as we can get the gist, what's the problem really? I will concede tho, that it can sometimes lead to misunderstanding...nawat I mean?

  Stuartli 11:15 15 Sep 2007

>>True, but one of the problems these days is that not only is grammar not taught...>>

Tut, tut...:-)

  Belatucadrus 12:04 15 Sep 2007

Three more pet linguistic quirks on my hate list.

1) "Init ?"

2) "Ya now wot armeen ?"

and three, my current bete noir, the sports pundits current favourite.

3) "It's a big ask"

Aaaaaaaargh !!!

  ray7 13:00 15 Sep 2007

Taking Sports Pundits a stage further....'I hope we get a result today'. Nothing more certain....even if the result is a defeat

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