Age Deterioration

  Bingalau 08:31 12 May 2011

I have just had a bit of a blow to my morale. I tried to frighten away a cat which was waiting for a chance to catch a bird, at the end of my garden. Distance about 20 yards. I threw a small pebble at it. The missile travelled about three feet from my fingers. Just like a child's first attempt at throwing a stone. The cat just sat there looking bored, so I tried again, only this time a bit harder. What a shock! Not only did the stone travel just a wee bit less but the pain in my arm and hand was excruciating (a bit of an Exaggeration).

That ginger Tom from next door is still sitting there looking bored, I just hope my dickie birds have seen him. I wonder if he will wait until I get my hosepipe out and give him a soaking?

  passing through 08:46 12 May 2011

Get yourself a smaller version of the old school bell. I have one. A quick couple of rings sends the birds safely on their way.

I found I had the same deterioration a few years ago when I tried to play darts. I used to be quite good at it 50 years ago.

  Bingalau 08:54 12 May 2011

But that wouldn't shift that dratted cat. The only time I have seen him shift is when a couple of red squirrels arrive. But they don't stay long enough to keep him away for good. I suppose it is my fault for attempting to feed the birds and the squirrels. I guess I am luring the birds in for him.

I'm just off to buy a tube of embrocation or whatever it's called these days.

  Quickbeam 09:01 12 May 2011

Medicinal compound is what you need, it cures everything...

  BT 09:12 12 May 2011

You can borrow my cat Dusty.

He sits and watches the birds but seems totally uninterested in chasing them.

He's pretty good a chasing and catching flies but ignores bees and wasps - he's not daft.

If he sees another cat his tail fluffs up like a bottle brush and he chases them off his patch, but only as far as our boundary fence, then he just sits and glares at them. The poor little kitten next door is totally scared of him after being chased a couple of times, and doesn't come in our garden any more.

  BT 09:16 12 May 2011


Medicinal compound? Is that another name for Scottish Medicine? It may not do you any good but it usually makes you feel better.

  Brumas 09:34 12 May 2011

Bingalau. Stretch an old pair of braces between your zimmer frame and hurl a loaf of bread at it, that way you leave food for the birds and scare the blooming cat off!! :o}} at the cat ;o}}

  Brumas 09:40 12 May 2011

Oops, that should read,hurl a loaf of bread at the blooming cat, that way you leave food for the birds and scare it off!! :o}}}

  sunnystaines 10:28 12 May 2011

has old age caused shoulder impingement, this would show up in throwing motions as you describe, it later gets painful as the bones in the shoulder thicken pinching tendons.

MRI test will confirm if its impingement or you just getting old and weak.

treat is day surgery keyhole to shave a little bone off.

i have it and awaiting the op, just impossible to throw anything other than a few yards

  Woolwell 12:36 12 May 2011

Get a powerful water pistol. You should be still a good shot.

  spuds 13:13 12 May 2011


"treat is day surgery keyhole to shave a little bone off"

Might also come under the title of Rotor Arm Decompression or Expansion, and it sure isn't a simple keyhole surgery day job. Been there done it and got the scars (both shoulders) to prove it ;o)


Set your guitar amp up, there's bound to be a frequency that the cat (and possibly the neighbours) does not like!.

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