After spending the past six months testing

  Forum Editor 18:03 22 Apr 2006

two technical releases of Vista I'm not at all surprised that Microsoft have decided to delay the launch. Don't get me wrong - the software runs very well on my test machine, and I think it's going to be a winner - eventually. There are many things yet to be finalised in terms of the final feature set however, and we're talking of a huge amount of code here. Microsoft's developers know only too well how they would be pilloried if they released something that wasn't as good as they could possibly make it.

Personally I'm pleased they've taken this decision, it means we can all relax a little, and get on with our computing lives, free of a summer of Vista-fever. Vista will come soon enough, and when it does it will be met with the usual mix of enthusiasm and scepticism. There'll be the detractors, and there'll be the early-adopters, who have to have the newest thing, regardless.

I know that Vista will be good, and I know that in time we'll all be using it - we'll have to wait a little longer than expected, that's all.

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