After the problems,how's about thankyou

  Starfox 21:07 04 Apr 2005

We all know that our favourite site has been experiencing difficulties recently,leading to lots of criticism(unfounded in my opinion).

So now that it seems to have been fixed how about a thank you to the FE for his patience for having to deal with all that flak last night,and thank you to whoever fixed the prolem.

I know,grovel,grovel,grovel but I think it needs mentioning.

  justme 21:45 04 Apr 2005

I agree with your sentiments. Normally the service here is excellent and when problems do occur they are usually sorted out within a reasonable time.

I often wonder if the people who complain so much could sort out the problems themselves or are they just spouting off to make themselves seem important. They should be thankful that I am not the FE as I would bar them from the site quite quickly.

It is one thing to ask about problems which you are experiencing but quite another when it turns nasty.

I add my thanks to whoever sorted out the problems, most of us appreciate your work.

  g0slp 23:29 04 Apr 2005

I concur wholeheartedly.

Thanks FE, & your staff as well (if appropriate!).


  joesoaps 23:34 04 Apr 2005

I will go along with that,there were a lot of unjustified criticisms over the weekend,in fact judging by the attitude of some of the postings you could not believe this site was free of charge,goodness knows what the tone would have been if the critics had been paying subscriptions.

Anyway thanks FE and thanks to whoever did the fixing.Some of us appreciate you.

  Diemmess 10:47 05 Apr 2005

I think it incredible that the site is as resiliant as it is! Visiting is essential to my day.

The number of hits per day must be huge. Any stats FE?

  Totally-braindead 11:42 05 Apr 2005

I agree wholeheartedly with the others, good to see the site back to its usual stable state. I am however dismayed by certain of the postings made, PCA Forum is free and some members seem to think that theres a catch, bearing in mind what a cynical world we live in and all the rip offs and cons there are on the internet I can understand the assumption but not the postings that were made. I must admit one posting in particular made my blood boil. Anyway enough said on that I think, this Forum is free resource and the members of the Forum are always glad to help others and long may it continue.

  cycoze 16:55 05 Apr 2005

I havent seen the postings concerned , but this is an old chestnut , everytime in the past this site has suffered a glitch/upgrade etc , people jump right in and groan/complain .

A quick look at the size of the membership(yes i am quite sure not all are active) along with the size of the site tells you straight away what a Hammering this site gets !

The PCA team do a great all round, but then they know that already.

  It's Me 17:07 05 Apr 2005

I also haven't looked for, and therefore not seen the referred to unpleasantries. A simple query is one thing, anything else is out of order here.

Incidently, I do feel deprived over all this, I didn't have any problems at all!

  Buchan 35 18:37 05 Apr 2005

I add my thanks to the FE and the staff of PCA who sorted the problem. Good thread

  josie mayhem 23:01 05 Apr 2005

The bit that tickled me pink about some of the moaning and groaning, because pca was having hassel with there servers was;

Why and what are we doing here, all of us have in our time had troubles and problems with our computers. And in our quest to solve the problem and/or learn/help with've all landed here..

So what make anyone think that pca computer/severs are excempt from any problems?

At least we know that pca are doing there up-right best to recify the matter as quickley as possiable.

And I agree with starfox, yes thanks for all the effort that it must have taken to sort it all out.

  JonnyTub 23:08 05 Apr 2005


FE and all who helped you.

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