Advice, suggestions from seasoned travellers pls.

  rickf 09:44 20 Oct 2018

Got myself into a bit of a problem. A silly mistake booking a Christmas trip to Europe. I used my Christian name which is used on a day to day basis on the ticket booking form. It is, however, slightly different from my birth name on my passport. The surname is the same. Reason for this is I was not converted to Christianity until my teens and so passport was/is under my birth name, based on my birth certificate, resulting in a name discrepancy between the ticket and my passport. Googling informs me that it is very difficult, perhaps not possible, to get it changed and I might be refused boarding. Any suggestions form you seasoned travellers please as to what best to do.

  alanrwood 10:18 20 Oct 2018

Have you not got any written documentation re the change of name ie deed-poll.

  rickf 10:32 20 Oct 2018

I think sorted, hopefully. Rang expedia, the booking agent, and the call was surprising pleasant, so far. They will contact BA re the name correction w/in 48hrs. May have to pay an administration fee. Had to fill in a form and sent scanned passport. Will feedback as I am sure from Google that this is quite a problem

  Forum Editor 13:23 20 Oct 2018

This kind of thing is not unusual. If you had booked direct with BA they would have changed the ticket name for you at no cost.

Just as well you are dealing with this now, as you would almost certainly have had a problem on the day. I have seen many people turned away from check in desks because of passport/ticket discrepancies. Once, in Hong Kong airport I saw a woman throw a hand bag at one of the staff at the check in desk over a name discrepancy.

Airport fever does funny things to some people.

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