Advice solicited from experienced hip replacement

  john bunyan 21:17 21 Apr 2017

I have put off a new hip for years.( Too many hard parachute landings in youth?) A surgeon friend said, a few years ago "If you can wait until about 15 years before you think you will die, to try to avoid a second one!" At 80 I think now is a good time as I am beginning to hobble and can't reach toenails! I want to get mobile and driving asap. The Hospital aims to get one up on same dt as op, and out on day 2 or 3. Maybe worth paying a phisio for a bit of extra "push" ?

  Brumas 21:31 21 Apr 2017

john bunyan

This from Fran.

"I can only say that having a new hip was the best thing ever. Prior to that I had difficulty moving at all and was in continual pain. Afterwards, it was amazing, I was free of pain and could actually walk albeit with a stick as I have a degenerative back problem. I must emphasise that you do exactly as instructed regarding exercise. I found that the majority of people, whilst in hospital, and afterwards at the clinic, did hardly any exercise and consequently their hips stiffened up and they were still in pain. My recovery was quite amazing as I continually did the exercises, through the pain and discomfort, and walked a little up and down the corridor. I did, however, have a metal-on-metal hip, which necessitates a yearly appointment with the specialist just to check everything is okay. Today my hip gives me no pain or stiffness. I only wish I could say the same thing amount my spine, which always stiff and painful. Anything else you need to know, please feel free to contact me. Good Luck!!"

  john bunyan 22:06 21 Apr 2017

Brumas for Fran

Thanks! Mine will be a stainless steel shank and a HD poly lined ceramic cup. Will take your advice with thanks!!

  Aitchbee 22:14 21 Apr 2017

Best Wishes on your Hip Op jb.

  john bunyan 22:16 21 Apr 2017



  caccy 11:04 22 Apr 2017

Both my brother and a neighbour have had their's done and did exactly as they were told regarding execises. Both now are pain free and fully mobile. Good luck.

  Forum Editor 11:12 22 Apr 2017

Take a look at this, if you haven't already done so.

  Govan1x 12:00 22 Apr 2017

My Mother had hers done when she was about 80Yrs old due to a fall. it kept popping out every so often and eventually had it replaced again.

So best checking out which doctor is going to do it and see how much experience he has had before going ahead.

I am not saying it was the doctors fault but no harm in looking for the best one.

Getting in the same position myself with hips playing up. But probably because I am overweight. So I will work on that when I get home ans see if I can loose any of it before going down the replacement way.

Good luck with it JB if you go through with it. You will probably wish you had it done years ago if it works out ok.

my self I am sick of the sight of Hospitals and would only go as a last resort.

  john bunyan 16:22 22 Apr 2017

Thanks to all. I checked that my Surgeon had the best results against national average and versus his colleagues at the hospital. Will do exercises with intention of a speedy return. Will close this now and report back in a few weeks!

  x123 16:56 22 Apr 2017

john bunyan

Hope it all goes well when you have your op and it makes you more mobile for many years to come.

  john bunyan 19:51 22 Apr 2017


Thank you - I really appreciate the camaraderie here on the forum

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