Advice on paint sprayers needed

  mbc 14:17 30 Jun 2014

Looking for something electrical about £100, preferably HVLP, to spray mainly emulsions and maybe fence paints. Self contained, ie not requiring separate compressor. Any recommendations from personal use? Thanks.

  spuds 16:08 30 Jun 2014

We have a number of paint spraying devices,from the cheapo Burgess self-contained type to the more heavy duty units, and all have their purposes. The old Burgess type was advertised for jobs like fence spraying, but we found that the units just were not man enough for the task.

What I would suggest is that you visit Machine Mart if you have one in your area. They carry a fair range of different type of sprayers, plus 'some' of their staff can be very helpful on this subject. If they recommend something that doesn't do the job, then you could request a refund?.

  wee eddie 17:09 30 Jun 2014

Unless things have changed radically. Don't be to confidant in the ability to spray Emusions

  bumpkin 19:48 30 Jun 2014

I think that you will be wasting your money. As Wee eddie says emulsions do not spray well. For fencing a pump up garden spray about £10 would do the job. With any electric sprayers I have tried I spent more time cleaning them than spraying.

  carver 08:45 01 Jul 2014

mbc just how much are you intending to do with this sprayer, if it's a small area then really you are wasting your time on a cheap sprayer and if it's a room with furniture in then it's disaster.

A decorator friend uses one but his cost about £500 but is only used in a bare room because it generate minute particles that float in the air and settles leaving a film on every surface.

As for fencing use a decent hand pump operated sprayer then it's cheaper and no cables to fall over.

  mbc 11:28 01 Jul 2014


I know what you mean about emulsion sprayers. I have a cheap Earlex-very difficult to get decent finish, with mucho overspray. I also have a pump type fence sprayer. The jobs are for spraying the inside walls and roof of a summer house, presently clad in chipboard (it used to be a workshop), and is presently empty so overspray is not much of a problem. I was thinking about using primer for the first coat, just to provide a base for whatever I use next. The roof is pitched with the roof ties exposed, so it is quite high inside. The fence is 5' high close boarded and must be about 300' in length.

My problem is lack of mobility following a bad accident a couple of years ago, so I need something lightweight and not requiring much effort to use.

I have spotted something on ebay, a Wagner W665, which sounds ideal ( unless it is just sales hype). I was rather hoping to hear from someone who has had success with a sprayer.

  spuds 12:06 01 Jul 2014


The task you have explained isn't going to be easy, especially with the Wagner W665 limited capacity, even though it is stated as being able to spray water based interior emulsions. With the Wagner W665 you should receive extras like filling funnel, practice poster and DVD, if you decide to purchase.

I would still suggest that you check out Machine Mart or at least get one of their free catalogues, because it does cover a good range from about £22.00 (airless) to the more expensive pro models. Machine Mart click here

  mbc 12:22 01 Jul 2014

Spuds-I checked out your earlier advice on Machine Mart (I have used them a lot in the past), and that is where I spotted the Wagner range. They do not appear to sell the W665, but have others of higher and lower specs. I obviously need to do some further research, but according to the customer reviews it seems a good manufacturer.

  SparkyJack 13:38 01 Jul 2014

Emulsions are viscoubs in tend for brussh/roller. Thin it to spray and you will be spraying forcecer to get the cover. There are pressure pump devices that allow normal thick emulsion to exude from a pad,extension poles too for ceilings and fences too.

Try B&Q

  spuds 17:05 01 Jul 2014


I have just checked the latest Machine Mart catalogue (issue 52 spring/summer) and the Wagner W665 is listed on page 447. But their price is £113.99 inc vat, which I think the unit can be obtained cheaper elsewhere, like Amazon or eBay. Amazon gives 38 customer reviews, mainly good results for the W665?.

  SparkyJack 19:01 01 Jul 2014

Look up

Bosch ppr 250 pressure emulsion applicator

Approx £112 on Amazon

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