Advice on Music downloads

  chrissy7 09:24 30 Apr 2005

Can anyone reccomend a good legitimate spyware/adware free music download site.
I am trying to track down a few old music tracks to download, have found a number of sites but the result was countless unwanted spy/ad rubbish that piggy backed in on the file I downloaded.Free downloads are what I am after of course but would'nt mind paying if I could find what I was looking for.

  bremner 09:28 30 Apr 2005

iTunes music store click here

OD2 click here

Cokemusic click here

To name but three

  chrissy7 10:12 30 Apr 2005

Thanks Bremner, just checked all those, but cant find what Im looking for..........Looking for a track from a Roger Daltrey album, album is called 'Antholagy' the track I am after is called 'Say it aint so' it may have been originally recorded by 'Murray Head' all the sites list that version but not the Roger Daltrey one.

  dogbreath1 10:44 30 Apr 2005

It's widely available on the Gnutella network. I've just searched it on Limewire and it's not remotely rare. Limewire is free to download and is free of bundled software. No I didn't miss your reference to legitimite. It really depends upon your definition of legitimite as to whether you find this post useful or not.

  chrissy7 11:58 30 Apr 2005

Thanks Dogbreath1........Found it, downloaded it. The limewire app is great , as a bit of a newcomer to music downloads was'nt aware of this prog. Its opened up a whole new world that I did'nt know was there. Sorry to sound a no brainer........but you live and learn...BIG thanks.

  dogbreath1 11:59 30 Apr 2005

Nice taste in music by the way!

  dogbreath1 12:05 30 Apr 2005

I strongly recommend that you visit the Helproom forum next door and use the search facility to read other related threads using the key words p2p, filesharing and Limewire. There is a lot to read, but I think that you should be aware of the debates as to legality, morality and potential malware infection. Then it becomes a matter of (informed) personal choice.

  chrissy7 22:33 01 May 2005

Thanks dogbreath1, I have spent all w/end d/loading all sorts of 70s stuff I had forgot existed. Am now a little frustrated I cant find some 50/60s lesser known rock music. Will take a look at what your last post suggested. One soudtrack I am trying to track down is that'll be the day' movie soundtrack, no luck wiyh 'Limewire'. But my main intersest is 60/70s rock, the sort of stuff that never made the big time, but was some of the finest music around, Led Zep, Floyd, Who and Genesis of course, and so on...........Thanks again for setting me on my way.

  dogbreath1 23:21 01 May 2005

...never made the big time! Led Zep released around nine studio albums with seven going to no.1 in the UK alone. Jimmy Page (guitars) and Robert Plant (vocals) are multimillionaires. Similar stories can be told about the other bands. One thing is for sure've got impeccable taste in music:) Showing my age now, but I saw Zep live at the Hard Rock Centre in Manchester circa 1976...and yes they were as awesome as many have said since. Enjoy!

  DieSse 00:02 04 May 2005

PS - it's theft - as you will realise if you think about it.

  DieSse 00:02 04 May 2005

There's no legitimate debate on the legality of what you are doing - it isn't legal, full stop.

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