advice on lighting required please

  bumpkin 22:24 04 Mar 2017

I have a fairly dimly lit landing, one LED bulb 14W but covered by a thick stained glass shade which looks great but not very practical. I want to install a downighter or other LED light in addition to light the stairs and landing brightly. I have looked at conversion tables but given up, I want know what power LED fitting I would need to be the equivalent of a 200W incandescent bulb in Lumens.

  LastChip 23:42 04 Mar 2017

According to this, an 18w LED equates to a 100w light bulb or 1300+ Lumens. Does that help?

  BRYNIT 23:46 04 Mar 2017

This may give you an idea CLICK HERE but don't seem to find anyone who sells them.

1]: [click here

  Cymro. 10:47 05 Mar 2017

I have a similar problem at the top of my staircase. The Westinghouse light in the link seems to be the answer. It is however made by an American company and the photo in the link has a light with a screw cap rather than the more usual bayonet cap that is usually found in British homes. So a lampholder as well a the actual light is needed.

  Belatucadrus 11:55 05 Mar 2017

Couldn't find any 200W equivalent LEDs but Amazon do have this :-

Click Here

Looks a bit of a bruiser size wise so need to check size of light fitting first.

  bumpkin 13:04 05 Mar 2017

Thanks, that was what I required. I will seek out some neat fittings possibly downlights now I know. 2000 to 2500 lumens should suffice.

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