adverts on this website

  zincy 11:46 28 Feb 2010

Hi all

Im sure this has been mentioned before but how do you stop or close the adverts that pop up on this website? Its very annoying and slows it down a lot. At the moment I go to my address bar and remove the blackberry from there to close the advert. Sometimes I just dont bother to come on this website cos its very annoying but I enjoy this website for many years and would like some help how ot make it easier?


  muddypaws 11:49 28 Feb 2010

If you enter 'Adverts on PCA' into the search box you will find plenty of threads.

  peter99co 11:49 28 Feb 2010

No advert- No Website- Simples

  zincy 11:54 28 Feb 2010

of course you need adverts but not ones where they slow it down so much and takes me a few minutes to load up? yes tried to search a few times but its too painful to wait for each one to open....but i guess there is no solution

  ol blueeyes 11:54 28 Feb 2010


Well said it's ones that pop-up all over the place that get me down.

  Pine Man 11:57 28 Feb 2010

'but i guess there is no solution'

There are lots of solutions but as peter99co states, if we all use them the site will die.

  zincy 12:00 28 Feb 2010

i dont want to open a can of worms or anything so i dont want any debates for pros and cons for these adverts. I just want an easier solution, I mean I can cope with the adverts around the sides and top etc. But its those ones where its full page and i cant seem to find the close button? I have to change my address bar in order to close it down?

  wiz-king 12:27 28 Feb 2010

The only full page ad I get is for a blackberry and that has a big 'close this ad' button. I admit that sometime I don't miss one of the green underlined words with my cursor but they have close buttons so are not a problem.

  muddypaws 13:24 28 Feb 2010

'spose you are aware of this:
click here

  lotvic 13:59 28 Feb 2010

muddypaws, which means I don't get the green underlined words anymore :))

  zincy 14:30 28 Feb 2010

no, thanks for that muddy paws
wiz king where abouts is the close button as thats what i cant find

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