Advent training course

  muscic lover 14:46 29 Aug 2007

I have heard that ADVENT computer training is very good. the course that I want will take me through the A+, MCP, MCDST, MCSA and eventually MSCE certified.

The cost quoted (all in) was £4750.

Does anybody think this is excessive? The cost covers for the training, tools, days at thier training Centre, and even a 'job finding' service.

  Si_L 15:21 29 Aug 2007

Not sure how it compares to other training course, but think of it as an investment. It sounds like a lot of money, but if it only boosts your salary by a grand each year, then you will have made it all back quickly.

The more qualifications you have too, the more options it will give you also. I think that it will pay for itself, so I wouldn't worry too much about the price.

  techie4me 15:31 29 Aug 2007

It does depend on how good you are at IT in the first place.
What is the time scale to get these 5 qualifications?
Are you taking a loan out with them?

  muscic lover 08:55 30 Aug 2007

How good am I at IT? Hmmmmm

Well I passed my ECDL first go on each of the modules and enjoy 'toying' with my Laptop applications and have a good interest in Pc (my wife would say too much!!).

I help others with PC problems....

I am not taking out a loan, more like using some savings...

I am a qualified nurse and want a totally different career now - (I still enjoy nursing though).

  wolfie3000 09:20 30 Aug 2007

Sorry to go a little off topic but music lover have you ever played Gunz online?

I did a short stint in a clan called rough justice and there was a guy in the clan called music lover who had computer qualifications.

just wondering.

  wolfie3000 09:24 30 Aug 2007

scartch that clan name i havent slept in over 18 hours the clans name was eternal justice, must have got confused by the other thread lol.

  Si_L 11:07 30 Aug 2007

18 hours!?!? Go to sleep man!

  techie4me 11:21 30 Aug 2007

It's a steep learning curve going from ECDL to the qualifications you want to do.
Why not try to see if your local FE College runs any courses like A+ or Cisco IT Essentials 1 & 2.
Then you can see if you like learning IT a lot cheaper than splashing out over £4k.

Even with all those qualifications you may find it hard getting a job, as practical experience is what a lot of employers want these days.

A+ would give you a benchmark on how well you learn IT.
And you could then gauge if you want to go ahead with the large outlay of Money

It’s just my view & others may disagree but it’s the way I got into IT.
IT Essentials 1 & 2 followed by CompTIA A+ and other Cisco & CompTIA qualifications.

  laurie53 20:53 30 Aug 2007

Advent course?

I clicked thinking it was a course on the run up to Christmas!

  zant 11:50 03 Sep 2007

techie4me is spot on. Having lectured at Techs I know that nurses because of their discipline are excellent students, but home learning does not suit everyone. See what your local Tech has to offer, and even talk with a NHS career advisor because they employ a great deal of IT people, and may welcome a qualified nurse to retrain and may even underwrite your training. There are nurses and there are IT people but not many combined, I believe this dual skill would make you rather special. Whatever you decide, good luck and best wishes.
A final thought if you decide on the home training route, establish carefully their telephone helplines are not 0845 or 0870 because they are expensive and a percentage of the cost goes to the owner.

  techie4me 13:06 03 Sep 2007

May be you need a different view on what to go for etc.
Have a look @ www://click here these guys should be able to advise you a lot better!

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