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Advanced warning of forum maintenance, this Sunday 3 November

  Matt Egan 16:08 31 Oct 2013

Hi all - just a bit of advanced warning. This Sunday, 3 November, our data-hosting partner will be installing a Service Pack from 9am. They have promised us it will be done as quickly as possible, and will be completed by no later than 3pm. They've also promised to minimise the impact on the forum. But it is possible that you will experience the login issues we've had on some previous Sundays. We of course apologise for any inconvenience. It is essential maintenance, I'm afraid. The price we pay for being so successful! Thanks for your patience. And if you want to know anything further, or you have any further problems, you know how to find me (either on this forum or at [email protected]).

Thanks again.


  Forum Editor 17:17 01 Nov 2013


"The keep me logged in option doesn't always work for me, using Google Chrome."

I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't. I use Chrome as my default browser, and our cookie keeps me signed in until/unless I delete it.

  spuds 18:19 01 Nov 2013


I also cannot think of a reason why, but it surely happens frequently. I have mentioned it in the past, it appears as though there is a 'timed-out' sequence occuring?.

I have noticed and suspect, this seems to happen when there as been a server problem of some form?.

  Joseph Kerr 20:08 01 Nov 2013

I like advanced warnings. So much better than them intermediate ones.

  Forum Editor 07:41 02 Nov 2013


"Do youngsters, your future viewers and forum members, relate to 'Tech'? Or is that old hat and corny for them?"

Site traffic statistics show that they do. I think we'll keep the titles as they are for now, but thank you for your thoughts.

  wee eddie 12:40 02 Nov 2013

I'm Curling in a Bonspiel, all day Sunday, so shall not notice it's passing.

But thanks for the update

  woodchip 18:08 03 Nov 2013

Logged strait in using old Flock Browser, no problems. however I do have Java Script Disabled

  onthelimit1 08:08 04 Nov 2013

Not sure why, but the forums are blindingly fast this morning - for me anyway!

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