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Advanced warning of forum maintenance, this Sunday 17 November

  Matt Egan 16:53 14 Nov 2013

Hi all - just a bit of advanced warning (again). This Sunday morning, 17 November, our data-hosting partner will be doing some important maintenance. They have promised us it will be done as quickly as possible, and will be completed by around lunch time. They've also promised to minimise the impact on the forum. But it is possible that you will experience the login issues we've had on some previous Sundays. We of course apologise for any inconvenience.

Thanks as ever for your patience. And if you want to know anything further, or you have any further problems, you know how to find me (either on this forum or at [email protected]).

  Matt Egan 17:20 14 Nov 2013

Sadly they are working from the West Coast of the US, so they do in fact do it overnight, but it is Sunday morning for us.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:28 15 Nov 2013

Trying to get it done before the F1 starts?

Hopefully the site will race along at F1 speed on completion.


  Jwbjnwolf 00:24 17 Nov 2013

Well I had a text based pcadvisor come up a moment ago haha. Funny how the ADs still appear though haha

  wee eddie 00:25 18 Nov 2013

Seems to have gone smoothly. Well done

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 20 Nov 2013

Seems to have gone smoothly. Well done

Didn't last long - can't log in directly (even with retained cookie) - log in takes several attempts - login button takes me to PCA Youtube then RSS feeds.

Couldn't open any threads for about 2 hours last night.

Oh well back to normal :0(

  Matt Egan 16:45 20 Nov 2013

That's really odd, Fruit Bat /\0/. I'll ask the dev team to take a look. I can't fathom why you would be taken to YouTube. It's a totally unrelated page. Odd. Apologies.

  Forum Editor 18:12 24 Nov 2013


Thank you, that was a welcome surprise.

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