ADSL Max trials

  CurlyWhirly 22:27 17 Mar 2006

I intend on upgrading to it so that I may possibly be able to get a faster broadband speed than I have now.
I think I know why BT are rolling it out, in preparation for IP TV in the future.

Upgrading around 5300 exchanges as mentioned in click here must be expensive and if there are no plans to charge extra for the faster services then how do BT plan to get their investment back?

This is the link click here where I saw comments that no extra would be charged.

Will unlimited broadband packages (like mine) be scrapped in the future I wonder?

Perhaps BT plan on making ALL their broadband services capped ones?

  Forum Editor 10:14 16 Apr 2006

Thanks, not quite what I had in mind though.

  CurlyWhirly 17:26 24 Apr 2006

"Indeed it has and I'm zooming along but the ADSL Guide speed test reports my speed as not much different to before."

I think that is because for the first 3 days, BT limit your connection to 2 Mb for testing to see how stable your line is and then after the 3 days have passed then they gradually increase the speed until you lose the connection.
After this happening they continue with their analysis in an attempt to find your fastest STABLE speed.

  CurlyWhirly 17:34 24 Apr 2006

"The problem of people having a line syncing at a high speed, but downloads remaining stuck at 2Mbps continues, though some have seen improvements. We mentioned this in our news yesterday. The 2Mbps limit is due to the Data Rate which is set in the BT Wholesale network, and not by the DSLAM or your ADSL modem. In theory this should alter to a value close to your line sync rate within 75 minutes of the regrade and your hardware syncing at the new Max speeds. Alas this is not always the case, and a lot of people are seeing it take up to three days for the Data Rate limit to improve."

The above quote was taken from click here

  Forum Editor 18:04 24 Apr 2006

Happy birthday.

As CurlyWhirly says, your connection speed will fluctuate - probably for a few days, while the exchange hardware self-tests your line sync rate - it will settle down quite quickly, possibly nearer to 6Mb than 8Mb.

  CurlyWhirly 06:05 25 Apr 2006

I can't wait to get on to Max DSL but in order to do this I will have to migrate to another ISP as I will probably be waiting months with AOL as even Platinum members (I am on Gold) will have to wait until the end of June!

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