ads on the site; a suggestion perhaps?

  p;3 20:11 24 Nov 2006

I think we all know that ads are a fact of life on this forum;but may I make a suggestion in view of recent events on here and the fact that I think we all come here either seeking help or giving it ; to assist in that , might it be possible to perhaps have an ads only section of the forum so that those who wish to browse there may do so and click on whichever they wish,; so that we may get on with giving and receiving help without the dodgems of shifting around the ads?

of interest, while I have been composing this entry I got an ad pop up within the posting area and had no option but to click on it to get rid of it so that I could continue to type

??does anyone else have similar views?

I understand that ads are needed for funding but perhaps the manner in which they are delivered needs looking at ; also, I hope we enjoy visiting this site to see what is going on, but the enjoyment is curtailed by fighting intrusive images on the screan

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:21 24 Nov 2006

You only have to click get rid of them and that is not obtrusive nor is it tiring. The whole of this is being blown out of any reasonable proportion. I note that not many people complain about ads in newspapers.

Adverts are a fact and a way of life and they are NOT a problem only in peoples' minds. If people think that they are a problem I would suggest that a new life is in order as there are many more serious things to consider.

There have been some very emotive and frankly ridiculous words used recently about the pop-up adverts....if people get emotional over pop up adverts gawd help them when something really serious happens to them.

Here is a novel idea...instead of writing countless reams about something that runs this site, how about clicking on a few?

'perhaps have an ads only section of the forum so that those who wish to browse there may do so and click on whichever they wish' disrespect but you have never worked in advertising have you? If you had you would know that this is not the way ANY advertising works.


  leo49 20:28 24 Nov 2006

In the various threads on these pop-ups ways have been advised to avoid any problem that's occurring but apparently you'd rather moan than do something to help yourself.

Even just using IE6 with popup stopper engaged I've seen none of these alleged popups so am highly sceptical that a problem even exists.

  anskyber 20:31 24 Nov 2006

I dislike ads. I also realise that this site needs them and the "click throughs" are important to advertisers decisions about continuing to sponsor sites.

My remedy, I click on one a day from this site and I hope it helps to keep the site going. I think its a small thing we can all do for free advice.

Its painless....honest!

  spikeychris 20:35 24 Nov 2006

Thats not like you! ;)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:02 24 Nov 2006

If you get a half decent Internet Security suite then you will not get many if any adverts. One of the things I miss about Norton is the ad blocking.

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