The Ad's Make The Site Work

  Crosstrainer2 12:26 30 Oct 2011

But I'm afraid my post in day's are over now.

Except for Brums photo competition.

I know money makes the world go round But too many ads too much even on 50mb connection


  bremner 12:29 30 Oct 2011

Absolute Tosh

I have a 3Mb connection and the Ads don't bother me or spoil my enjoyment of the site.

  Aitchbee 12:40 30 Oct 2011

I am using dial-up at the moment - no problems.

  bremner 12:54 30 Oct 2011

That has to be a record - only 12 minutes before a change of heart 12.38PM posting ;o)

  Crosstrainer2 12:58 30 Oct 2011

Okay Don't flame me

I Am Old And wise.

I have limited time in which to fit in the time........Watching ad's is not one of them.

Lot's Going On


  Blackhat 13:00 30 Oct 2011

I have not yet seen an ad on my home computer Win 7 IE 8 but all my works computers are rendered useless on PCA by the ad’s XP IE 7/FF. I’m not too bothered as I don’t have much time at work to visit here.

  Miké 13:47 30 Oct 2011

If the Ad's bother you, then block them!

Easy enough to do, I turn off the blocking about once a week to see if there's anything of interest.

  interzone55 16:24 30 Oct 2011

I Use Chrome and the ads really aren't a problem on this site

  spuds 16:30 30 Oct 2011

Don't know what happened there, but I clicked on bremner's 12.54pm link and got logged out twice, but third time was lucky!.

  bremner 17:29 30 Oct 2011


I have had the browser shut down on several occasions this weekend when clicking on links.

  birdface 18:52 30 Oct 2011

I use an add-blocker with Firefox and never get bothered by adds.

Very seldom use I/E don't have an add blocker on there but still get no adds.

I can only assume my security programs remove them.

But having heard the amount of problems some folk have been getting with adds I can see why they get fed up.

Between the new browser,unable to get on PCA at times, and all the problems with the adverts is taking it's toll with users.

Maybe if they do a few free competitions and throw in a few computers and a couple of cars just to keep us happy till they get it sorted might help.

Oops forgot about the recession.

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