Adrian Chiles leaves the Beeb

  Diemmess 17:49 19 Apr 2010

Depending which news you read, BBC or AOL click here|uk-ws-bb|dl2|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fclick here
.. the move to put Chris Evans onto the One Show has forced Adrian Chilles to move to ITV.
The One Show with Chris Evans is not a show I sahll watch.
Sorry for Christine Beagley though, her the pitch of her voice jars on my ears and her presence in a potentially prime show is questionable, but she is very decorative.
Another bad move by the Beeb?

  Diemmess 17:51 19 Apr 2010

The first link works!

  Pineman100 17:58 19 Apr 2010

How does Evans get employment at the BBC? I can only assume that he knows where the bodies are buried.

He's already turned Wogan's wonderful breakfast slot into some kind of school playground.

Now the Beeb seems intent on roping him in to dumb down the mildly intelligent One Show.

It's the off button for me.

  Quickbeam 18:03 19 Apr 2010

"...dumb down the mildly intelligent One Show."
That's not hard, The One Show's 'mild intelligence' tag equates to beans on toast as a mild alternative to a curry!

  Pineman100 18:10 19 Apr 2010

I can't argue with that!

But if you think the show is unintelligent now, just wait until Evans gets his vacuous influence on it.

  al's left peg 18:35 19 Apr 2010

Chiles must of done some good old a*** licking to where he got on the BBC. A former finance/business host who did not have a lot of idea regarding the world of finance. He then was given a top job hosting a football show, and take it from me, my wife knows more about football than Adrian Chiles.
Then he was given a prime time early evening show with a rather tasty looking ex floor manager. The whole point of the One Show, is in my opinion to interview guests and hear what they have to say. The problem with Chiles though is he likes the sound of his own voice, more than any guests that are invited on.
He has been a lucky lad for a long time, blessed with a face more suited to radio than television, he will probably last a couple of years at ITV before "spitting his dummy out" again and fading into obscurity.

  john bunyan 18:42 19 Apr 2010

I fully agree! Mind you there are a lot of overpaid idiots such as "Wossie" who could easily be replaced with more cost effective people.

  Legolas 18:42 19 Apr 2010

I get an undertone in your post that you might not like Adrian Chiles. Or are you really a secret admirer?

  Forum Editor 18:51 19 Apr 2010

is ten times better since Chris Evans took over, and I think the same will happen on the One show.

Evans has changed for the better as he has aged, and calmed down, and he's turning into one of the BBC's greatest radio assets - we'll see what happens to the TV show.

  egapup 18:56 19 Apr 2010

At least they didnt stick Wogan on there.

  oresome 19:03 19 Apr 2010

Before you all get too worked up, I understand Chris Evans will only be doing the Friday slot.

Chris Hollins, (the sports presenter with dancing skills) is lined up to do the other days.

I have never seen the show from start to finish, so the Beeb can use whoever they like to present it as far as I'm concerned. Likewise I didn't listen to Wogan and ditto Evans.

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