Adopt, Adapt & Improve...well,kind of.

  Brumas 14:42 01 Jun 2009

Does anyone else take great delight and find immense satisfaction in finding new uses for old objects/materials etc.? I have an aversion to throwing away things that still have good use left in them and derive great joy in cobbling useful things together out of objects which would normally be thrown into the skip.

When they replaced our old doors and windows I made a really strong workbench from the old back door using parts of the old window/door frames for the legs. An old (and I mean old) pair of wooden stepladders sawn in half provided the legs for another bench made from the front door. The stout arms of my old computer chair were separated and mounted upright on the side of the bench to provide a perfect ‘welly drier’.The wooden drawers from an old sideboard were stood on their sides and screwed to the back edge of the benches to make storage cubby holes/shelves.

When we had to have a new roof I saved the beautiful round-edged tiles and made a feature path by the pond and then used more to edge the old concrete garden path.

But the one thing I find really useful is my ‘portable potting bench’ made by screwing a 4” lip of wood (it is surprising the amount of straight, useable timber the carcass of an old double-divan bed yields) round the top edge of an old computer bench found languishing in my shed. Plants I have potted up prior to planting out in the garden now sit in 3 or 4” pots within the ‘tray’ and the whole thing can be wheeled easily in or out of the sun/rain as required.

Is it just me, or do you also bodge and cobble to your heart’s content, if so what is your favourite project?

  BT 16:39 01 Jun 2009

I made my first Computer workstation from the box frame of an old water bed that a neighbour was getting rid of(don't ask!). It was very good quality 1" thick plywood and its still at the back of the garage today.

  Brumas 17:37 01 Jun 2009

I'm curious but I won't ask ;o) I should imagine that quality of ply would cost an arm and a leg nowadays!

  wiz-king 17:50 01 Jun 2009

I think the word is 'bodge'!

  BT 18:02 01 Jun 2009

My best memory of the water bed was when we went to a party at their flat and several of the women after they had had a 'few' found the bed and were bouncing around on it showing next weeks washing. I don't think the bed really recovered after that and they dismantled it and I acquired the wood.
We were all MUCH younger in those days of course!

As to the price of wood it ALL costs an arm an a leg these days!

  Brumas 19:35 01 Jun 2009


  Brumas 22:47 01 Jun 2009

It seems I must be in the minority, I am surprised.

  BT 07:24 02 Jun 2009

Just you and me by the look of it.

  Brumas 09:00 02 Jun 2009

They don't know what they are missing :o)

  Quickbeam 09:23 02 Jun 2009

I've still got a 15 amp round pin to 13 amp square pin adapter in the garage that my father kept when the new 13 amp standard came in. God know why he kept it... and as for why I still keep it!

  Bingalau 09:49 02 Jun 2009

Knowing the cost of timber I have lots of bits and pieces of it stored in my garage. I am very reluctant to chuck it out as the day after I know I will need it. Come to think of it there are other things kept there for the same reason. Yards of electrical wiring of all sizes and thicknesses. Old locks and bolts and hinges, screws and washers, I've even got a brand new electric saw which I bought from Aldi four years ago still in its original wrappings. (I thought it might come in handy someday). My children will have a field day sorting out all the tools stored haphazardly in there. Maybe I will think of a use for them someday? If garage sales were the rage around here I would make a fortune.

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