Admiralty Arch to open as a hotel

  pabby 13:32 26 Oct 2012

A Spanish hotel developer paid £60 million to buy it. Would you spend £850 for a night there. Should it have been sold, are we going to sell all our National treasures to overseas buyers?

So many questions, so little time.

  Forum Editor 13:42 26 Oct 2012

"Should it have been sold, are we going to sell all our National treasures to overseas buyers?"

The building is listed Grade 1, so no alterations can be carried out (internally or externally) without prior approval.

The new owner has a leasehold, so we haven't sold the building, and as it is not being used at present, is falling into disrepair and has £900,000-a-year running costs I think we've concluded a pretty good deal.

  interzone55 13:59 26 Oct 2012

I wouldn't pay £850 a night for any hotel, Premier Inns are more my market.

It does seem silly that we have a number of high profile buildings falling into disrepair when they could be commercialised.

I did read somewhere that Buckingham Palace would be worth close to £1bn on the market - does Brenda really need all that space?

  Brumas 15:01 26 Oct 2012

I suspect one of the major headaches will be parking as I can't see them being able to build an underground car park.

  Bing.alau 15:16 26 Oct 2012

They can always park on The Mall can't they? If they can afford the room prices they can afford the fines if there are any.

I also prefer the "Lenny Henry" hotels which I find good value for money. Though I have yet to manage to book in to the ones which supposedly have rooms at £35 for the night.

  wiz-king 15:18 26 Oct 2012

I wonder where the car park will be?

Where do you stop to get the doorman to let you in without causing traffic chaos?

  interzone55 15:58 26 Oct 2012

fourm member

Saying 'I wouldn't pay that for a hotel room' is as silly as saying 'I wouldn't go to the Ferrari showroom next time I buy a car'

Why is it silly, it's a plain statement of fact. I wouldn't pay £500, £728 or indeed £850 a night for a hotel. That's roughly 3 weeks take-home pay, so it's just not going to happen...

  interzone55 16:00 26 Oct 2012

I was pondering car parking, but I think there's an underground car park close by that was used by the Naval personnel who used to have apartments in the building

  Woolwell 16:08 26 Oct 2012

I've been in Admiralty Arch. It was many, many years ago and it was only for a brief visit but from memory it had lots of stairs and the rooms were quite small but they did have a great view. Think that it is linked to other buildings. The entrance that I used was small too (possibly the old tradesmen's?). I cannot imagine it as a hotel.

  interzone55 16:23 26 Oct 2012

If the rooms are small it'll make a perfect Travelodge...

  Aitchbee 17:26 26 Oct 2012

The three verandahs [featured in the link] appear to be a 'waste of space' ... which the new owner will probably 're-jig' into groovy casinos or similar 'swinging hot spots'.

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