Adele's US tour requirements.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:44 07 Dec 2011

BBC News

So far up herself, I think she could be about to disappear up her own backside.

  monkeyboy21 16:40 07 Dec 2011

I thought the charity donation was a nice touch bearing in mind the amount of free loaders wanting something for nothing.

  interzone55 17:28 07 Dec 2011

Mr Mistoffelees

That list is fairly mild - the tea & honey are for her voice, as she's had throat surgery recently.

The American beer is obvious, most US beer is an abomination (although Sam Adams lager is fantastic, and there's a lot of nice stuff from micro-breweries in Boston & San Francisco)

The free tickets charity donation requirement is a work of genius

  Aitchbee 17:36 07 Dec 2011

...All I need is, the air that I breathe, and to to love you. (Hollies)

Adele's free publicity is a stunt.

  Al94 19:18 07 Dec 2011

Personally, I'm not a fan but her requirements seem reasonable and not excessive, the charity requirement is a good one, she must be a fairly level headed individual.

  morddwyd 19:58 07 Dec 2011

Seems pretty reasonable to me, when you look at some others "stars'" requirements.

  daz60 22:53 07 Dec 2011

Much ado about nothing.

To ask something in return for complimentary tickets is a stroke of genius,i wonder if the Olympic commission is listening.

  Forum Editor 00:11 08 Dec 2011

These riders are common in the music business, and the requests made by Adele are mild compared to some that I've heard about.

Some stars'riders are legendary. Mick Jagger demands a specially-constructed running platform outside his dressing room, so he can practice leaping about before going on stage.

Pink Floyd once asked for (and got) a miniature golf putting course behind the stadium.

Stevie Wonder asked for a meal of Filet Mignon and lobster for his entire 150 strong crew.

Janet Jackson wants a brand new black toilet seat at each venue.

Blur demand four pairs of Marks and Spencer boxer shorts, still in their wrappers.

U2 asked for the entire backstage area at Wembley to be newly carpeted.

And at number one in this week's charts is Robbie Williams. Here's what you'll be providing for him when he performs in your local village hall:-

a Japanese ceremonial tea set, a Formula 1 Scaletrix racing game; Dr Scholl sandals complete with foot powder; Mr Kipling's fondant fancies; a small packet of Dreft hand washing powder; two pump action water pistols with a range of at least ten metres; fresh starfruit (“superstar size”); and a game of table-top blow football with one team in the colours of Port Vale.

Adele is a mere beginner.

  Forum Editor 14:57 10 Dec 2011

"...Van Halen's rider called for a bowl of M & Ms with all the brown ones removed...

Mick Jagger subsequently added an additional rider to the Rolling Stones' touring contract. It said that his dressing room should have a bowl of all the brown M&Ms that had been removed from the Van Halen bowls.

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