Acupuncture: What's the point?

  Chronos the 2nd 08:20 29 Aug 2013

Albino alligator gets acupuncture in Brazil

As a person with an almost phobic fear of needles, a person who cannot even watch an injection being given on television, acupuncture fills me with fear.. But I was offered acupuncture a couple of years ago to try and alleviate the chronic muscular pain I now suffer in my neck following my treatment for throat cancer. Needless to say I declined the offer as even the thought of having several needles inserted into my body filled me with terror.

Has anyone hear had acupuncture and what was your experience like?

Even if you have had a great experience,this will not convince me to try it as even typing this post I have cold shudders running up and down my spine.

But I am interested in your experiences.

  BT 08:29 29 Aug 2013

Acupuncture: What's the point?

Its the sharp bit on the end of the needle ;-)

Seriously though I know a couple of people who have had Acupuncture and were pleased with the results. The needles are so very fine, much finer than the smallest of hypodermics, and the finer the needle the less it hurts. I have noticed this with the lancets I use when checking my Blood sugar. The finer ones hurt much less than not so fine ones - unless you hit a nerve that is, then they all hurt.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:34 29 Aug 2013


My gratitude for increasing my fear of this procedure.

  michaelw 08:53 29 Aug 2013

I used to get severe hayfever every year until I had 5 sessions of it and ever since I've never had a bout. That was about 25 years ago.

You have to make sure you get the right practisioner, the best are Chinese. It doesn't work with everything. There are those that use mild electric impulses instead of needles for those that have the same fear of needles.

  fourm member 09:15 29 Aug 2013

'It doesn't work'

That's the only part of michaelw's post that is true.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:17 29 Aug 2013

Oh great, a choice between an iron Maiden and an electric chair.

But seriously I am never going to have needles pushed into my body no matter how skilled the practitioners of this dark art are

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  Al94 09:24 29 Aug 2013

Acupuncture does work.

I had treatment in our local hospital by a physiotherapist trained in the art a few years ago for persistent lower back pain with dramatic results. The needles were so fine you would hardly be aware they were being inserted, a slight tingling really.

Don't pay any attention to ill informed twaddle on the subject, if you suffer chronic pain, this is well worth a try and bears no resemblance to normal needles being inserted.

  Forum Editor 09:35 29 Aug 2013

I'm of the same mind as fourm member - it doesn't work.

I expect a deluge of posts from people saying it worked for them, in the same way that people who go to homeopathic doctors swear that they were cured of this or that. What's happening is that the patients are curing themselves. That's no bad thing, but it's not the medicines or needles doing the job, it's the human mind. Our bodies can respond to mental stimuli when it comes to self-healing for some conditions, and that has given quackery a free rein over hundreds of years.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:40 29 Aug 2013

Ever considered treatment for your masochism?

Yes it usually involves a though thrashing from the nurse.

But I just wondered what ordinary folks experiences were like, I may well be forced to bite the bullet,literally, and try this as I have an unusually high tolerance of painkillers from aspirin to morphine so It might be necessary to try this.

  Forum Editor 09:48 29 Aug 2013

"It might be necessary to try this."

In your situation I think I might do the same. Having slated alternative medicine in my last post I'm the first to admit that in dire circumstances it might make sense to try anything once.

I'm no expert, but I think your strong fear of the acupuncture process might act against any beneficial effect.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:59 29 Aug 2013


I appreciate your point concerning my contradictory statements but although I have a reasonably high tolerance of pain it might become necessary to try alternative treatments even though at the moment I am saying never.

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