Actually at a loss of sensible words for comment!

  Brumas 13:04 03 Feb 2019
  Belatucadrus 13:53 03 Feb 2019

What next "I'm waiting for my child to give me permission to send it to school" ?

  Menzie 14:29 03 Feb 2019

Children can also "divorce" their parents. I think the legal age for this is 16.

  Brumas 14:37 03 Feb 2019

Picture the scenario, Hassled mum has just got an emergency appointment at the Doctors, whilst sitting in the waiting room mum says "can I change your nappy so that the doctor can see that awful itchy rash around your willy?"..........

  rickf 22:17 03 Feb 2019

Thick comes to mind???

  Brumas 17:43 04 Feb 2019

I think the most sensible way to treat this load of old tosh is to pigeon hole along with many other such 'gems' gleaned from newspapers today!

  BT 17:56 04 Feb 2019

The Poll says it all. 93% disagree.

  Brumas 19:16 04 Feb 2019

BT good old common sense!

  beeuuem~2 19:50 04 Feb 2019

brumas - If you think that was bad what about click here

  AroundAgain 19:51 04 Feb 2019

... and it's not even 1st April .....

  rickf 20:31 04 Feb 2019

Mental health problems know no bounds.

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