ACS: Law vs Illegal file sharers

  wids001 07:07 01 Feb 2010

According to BBC news 1000's of letters demanding compensation for illegal file sharing are being sent to internet users by ACS: Law. They are demanding around £500. More than 10000 have been sent with more to come, although no one has been taken to court. The BPI condemn this action and are calling on the government to block courts divulging ISP addresses of those supposedly commiting this.

The latest statement from ACS: Law is, I feel frightening. They say filesharing is;

"It is the equivalent of someone stood outside HMV with a pile of the latest albums, handing them out to people who were intending to go in the shop and buy it,"

So if I decide to buy a dozen albums from HMV and then stand outside and give them away I can also expect a letter from ACS: Law, can I?

What are the implications of this statement. How about sales of copyright material on e-bay (that the seller bought legally)! Is the next step persuing the buyers for copyright infringement?

  tullie 08:19 01 Feb 2010

FE posted regarding the same thing sometime before xmas

  wiz-king 08:43 01 Feb 2010

link to previous thread click here

  interzone55 08:50 01 Feb 2010

Link to story on PCA news pages
click here&

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