Acres of Storage Space

  Pesala 12:13 26 Jul 2006

Allegedly, in the latest PC reviewed "the 500GB hard drive offers acres of storage space."

Just how many acres of storage space are there on three 3" double-sided platters? My geometry is a bit rusty, but I don't think it adds up to even half a square foot.

  SANTOS7 12:20 26 Jul 2006

click here
100 billion bits (gigabits) per square inch of disc space........

  Pesala 12:29 26 Jul 2006

That means 500 Gigabytes is about five square inches. I think we can assume that the reviewer was using exaggerating a bit.

  oresome 12:34 26 Jul 2006


"My geometry is a bit rusty"

I wonder what Pi and Euclid and all the other great brains of their day would think of today's technology if they were to come back?

  €dstowe 13:18 26 Jul 2006

Interesting that you think Pi was a person;-)

  oresome 13:26 26 Jul 2006

My history is a lot rusty

  Steve- 17:33 26 Jul 2006

Prompted me to have a look and found this:

"Pi (rather than some other Greek letter like Alpha or Omega) was chosen as the letter to represent the number 3.141592... because the letter [Pi] in Greek, pronounced like our letter 'p', stands for 'perimeter'"

  mole44 20:05 26 Jul 2006

to put a spoke in the wheel,should we not say area in hectares of space,lol.

  ade.h 20:15 26 Jul 2006

A hectare is the equivalent of 100 acres.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:21 26 Jul 2006

[quote]A hectare is the equivalent of 100 acres.[/quote]

Mo it's not - it's 2 and a half acres roughly...

  ade.h 20:35 26 Jul 2006

I checked it on Wikipedia.

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