accurate or carried away?

  Total Care Support 16:24 01 Jun 2005

I have been reading the Observer I know its not the level I normally read at before the jokes start coming.

Now a couple of Sundays ago there was an interesting artical about how the world will be in 45 years time as from the point of view of the person in charge of BTs future development plans.

Now is this guy in a real job or did they just not know what to do with him. he claims ....

"realistically by 2050 we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine, so when you die it's not a major career problem"

and then goes on with some other interesting ideas that he has developed in his role within BT

"We're already looking at how you might structure a computer that could possibly become conscious. There are quite a lot of us now who believe it's entirely feasible."

"it's my conclusion that it is possible to make a conscious computer with superhuman levels of intelligence before 2020"

He continued: "It would definitely have emotions - that's one of the primary reasons for doing it. If I'm on an aeroplane I want the computer to be more terrified of crashing than I am so it does everything to stay in the air until it's supposed to be on the ground."

now the plane thats too afraid to crash sounds like a good idea but a computer does not need O2 to survive so why not fly to space if you are thinking you dont want to crash?

And he does have a point regarding Play Stations "Sony released the first details of its PlayStation 3. It is 35 times more powerful than previous games consoles. 'The new PlayStation is 1 per cent as powerful as a human brain," he said. "It is into supercomputer status compared to 10 years ago. PlayStation 5 will probably be as powerful as the human brain."

So is this guy a nutter or a guru?

Looking back at development over the last years in IT there have some amazing successes. And already Items and technology we have now would blow someone away from the 50's. Just imagine sitting a 1950's housewife down in the present day in front of a THX screen showing Star Wars III she would have a fit. But is technology going to continue developing this rapidly OR are we going to reach the limit and phyiscal max limits of heat v speed v performance where development will be forced to slow down?


  Total Care Support 16:25 01 Jun 2005

opps forgot heres a link to what he said in full

click here

  iambeavis 17:00 01 Jun 2005

I've never considered death to be "a major career problem"'s in the other areas of my life that it creates a certain inconvenience.

  mole44 17:10 01 Jun 2005

at least with death i can stop doing shifts,lol.

  DieSse 17:11 01 Jun 2005

IMHO - it'll carry on developing at a frantic rate - as it's always done.

I think intelligent, conscious, machines are inevitable, and only a matter of time - though I would have thought not quite as soon as the BT man predicts.

  Total Care Support 17:25 01 Jun 2005


He continued: 'It would definitely have emotions - that's one of the primary reasons for doing it. If I'm on an aeroplane I want the computer to be more terrified of crashing than I am so it does everything to stay in the air until it's supposed to be on the ground.

what if you get one that has a death wish, is depresed. Gets fed up with fly london to glasgow-wants to see the world or simply want to be more than a passenger plane and thinks it can have a go at areobatics.

worse still ... is so afraid of fly / heights / crashing it refuses to take off!!!!

Could we have planes going on strike??? we have pilots doing it so what if ground traffic control computers go on strike. If it has a consiousness or emotions as he states whats to stop them wanting cooler working conditions? a little fir tree in the corner etc?

a computer with a consiousness and emotions would this be classed as a new life form? do we have the right to play good like that? would it have rights? can it claim on the dole? would downgrading it because you want that little extra ram to play your newest game in your other machine be a infringment of its civil liberties?

  amonra 17:30 01 Jun 2005

The answer was 42, now what was the question again ?

  Chris25 19:11 01 Jun 2005

Between oil running out, climate wars (re. leaked Pentagon report) and nuclear proliferation, the most powerful computer of 2050 is likely to be an abacus.

Cheery soul aren't I? :-)

  gudgulf 22:34 01 Jun 2005

Why do I keep on getting flashbacks to the Red Dwarf tv series when I read that article?????

Certainly much of what he has written has been the staple fair of science fiction novels over the past forty years or so.........but just how much of what he says is visionary or the ramblings of someone with far too much time on their hands I would not like to guess.However if anyone does have a program on which they can store my minds entire contents..I do have a spare floppy disc handy.

  josie mayhem 23:12 01 Jun 2005

And in 2020, If I'm here and still kicking then I most likley still be injecting insulin to keep myself alive!

  jack 08:50 02 Jun 2005

Very interesting- but IMHO if you really knew what went on in news/feature writers room youall would become clear
The edit sez -Charlie [ him play solo on his screen]
Page 48 the space between the PCW ad and Curry's ad's

1000 words - Fill right! on my desk 15 minutes
And out it spews - just like that.

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