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The accountability of medics this time

  oresome 17:01 31 May 2017

From the little observation I've made and talking to one or two in healthcare disciplines, medics at the top of their profession seem to be treated like gods with no questioning of their actions allowed or tolerated. Juniors seem to operate in fear of their master who holds the key to their career progression and management seem loath to tackle them for whatever reason.

I am of course thinking of the most recent case where mis-diagnosis has gone unchecked for years and the surgeon has just been handed a 15 year jail sentence It seems like there are few checks and balances to quickly identify rogue practioners or people dare not speak up.

  lotvic 18:43 31 May 2017

I suppose that shows the wisdom of a 2nd opinion and check their history etc. Bit like builders, get three quotes...

  Old Deuteronomy 20:34 31 May 2017

We need to remember that cases such as the one mentioned above, are extremely rare.

  bumpkin 21:43 31 May 2017

We need to remember that cases such as the one mentioned above, are extremely rare.

The ones we find out about are!

  Forum Editor 22:43 31 May 2017


Negative, as usual I see.

Old Deuteronomy is right - cases like this one are very rare. That doesn't make them any the less horrendous, and quite obviously the man involved should never have been allowed to do what he did without any apparent attempt being made by colleagues to stop him.

  bumpkin 22:27 01 Jun 2017


* cases like this one are very rare.*

How do you know this unless you have unlimited access to all confidential medical data.

  Forum Editor 22:49 01 Jun 2017


Wake up - cases like this one always come to light eventually, and they are extremely rare. You don't need unlimited access to all confidential medical data - whatever that means - to realise that.

  Burn-it 23:28 01 Jun 2017

Extreme cases like this are rare, but I wonder how many people are misdiagnosed and are afraid to speak out about it. I know my wife was misdiagnosed by her doctor before we were married and when I found out what she was being treated for I managed to persuade her to see a different doctor in a different practice and he correctly (I assume) gave her different treatment which solved the problem permanently within a couple of weeks.

  wee eddie 01:46 02 Jun 2017

Burn-it, there is a major difference between misdiagnosis and intentional false diagnosis

  john bunyan 09:17 02 Jun 2017

Suspected spam - see identical link on this persons other single contribution.

  john bunyan 09:21 02 Jun 2017

FE informed

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