Accident that was destined to happen?

  rickf 21:36 19 Mar 2018
  carver 09:55 20 Mar 2018

F.E what still worries me is who is responsible in these crashes, the person sat behind the wheel, the operator of the vehicle. Can you imagine going for a drink, smashed out of your brains getting in one of these and it crashes and you are told that you could be prosecuted for drink driving. Nobody has stated in law who is responsible in the event of a crash.

  Cymro. 10:50 20 Mar 2018

It was only a matter of time before something like this was going to happen and no doubt it will happen again. What we have to decide is just how much benefit it is going to bring to mankind. So balance the benefit against the dangers. We have learnt to accept the benefit and dangers of conventional cars, aircraft etc.. I dare say there are benefits to having driverless cars so we must accept some problems to start with even if these problems lead to the deaths of some. Let us hope as few people die as possible and that the benefit is as high as possible. Obviously there is no benefit to those who are killed or to their families but we just must take the longer view and hope we get it right.

  morddwyd 12:17 20 Mar 2018

* what still worries me is who is responsible in these crashes *

Why does it worry you? Do you have responsibilities in this area?

The lawyers will have a field day. They'll be on retainers from insurers, owners, manufacturers, component suppliers, software engineers and anyone else who has a remote inkling of liability!

  Forum Editor 13:46 20 Mar 2018

"F.E what still worries me is who is responsible in these crashes, the person sat behind the wheel, the operator of the vehicle."

As always, the person in charge of a moving vehicle is deemed to be the person responsible for it, unless he or she can demonstrate a good reason why that should not be the case.

A self- driving car is an electro-mechanical object, it has no liability in law, it can't be prosecuted, or have its license suspended.

It might be argued that a vehicle manufacturer has a liability, if it could be demonstrated that a manufacturing defect was responsible for death/injury, or for damage to another vehicle or property. Anyone who was in charge of the vehicle at the time would have to demonstrate that he/she took reasonable avoiding action, if he/she had sufficient warning.

There is never going to be a situation in which a drunk person can get into a car and let it drive itself home. There will be sensors inside the car that detect alcohol, and they'll prevent the car from being started. Easier said than done.

  Menzie 18:08 20 Mar 2018

Some new reports have come in on the incident. According to video taken by the vehicle the pedestrian came from the shadows.

The vehicle was also going below the speed limit. They say it would have been difficult human or otherwise to see her appear.

Currently local law enforcement are still investigating the matter.

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