Acceptable timescale for repairs

  grumpy-git 09:04 24 Oct 2004

Imagine you have a computer that is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. When it "fails" and needs a repair, what do you think is a reasonable period of time to have to wait before your pc is "working properly" again?

I don't see a need to mention manufacturer's names or go into great detail about faults.

So, what do YOU think?


  Forum Editor 09:50 24 Oct 2004

what is 'reasonable' in terms of a delay
isn't defined in current consumer legislation, and for good reason. The length of time a consumer should reasonably wait whilst a repair is carried out is dependent on the context - some repairs take longer because they're more complex, or because a retailer (who is primarily responsible for the type of repair you're talking about) may have to obtain parts from a maker, or even send the item back to the manufacturer for attention.
In general terms we all have an inate sense of what constitutes a reasonable wait - although degrees of patience vary somewhat from person - but there's no definitive answer.

I suspect.....nay, I know that your question is motivated by a personal experience. You've aired your views quite forcibly in another thread, and I don't see there's anything to be gained from soliciting opinions in this way - pursue your resolution in your other thread.

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