An Abuse of Parliamentary Privilege?

  morddwyd 19:47 07 Jul 2018

Just had a letter from my MP lobbying on a proposed new care home. There was a meeting yesterday, so pretty incompetent, but he's a Tory so par for the course!

The thing is, the letter was on House of Commons stationery, and used the HoC postal facility.

Now, Social Care, and Planning issues are both devolved, so does he have a remit in this area?

He is as entitled to lobby as any other resident but is he entitled to use Parliamentary, free, taxpayer funded, facilities for what is, essentially, a local politics issue?

I will seek theadvice of my MSP first, but I'm minded to make a formal complaint to the Standards Commissioner.

  bremner 07:08 08 Jul 2018

If you haven't seen the rules Click here around use of HoC Post Office and stationary

  morddwyd 09:47 08 Jul 2018

Thank you.

There are various ramifications, of course, nut the bottom is that it must be a constituency matter, and while it is in the constituency it is not a constituency matter in the sense imbued by the HoC Post Office; it is not even an HoC matter, as it can't be raised there, or the relevant minister, or the PM cannot be questioned on it.

  Cymro. 10:03 08 Jul 2018

Don't waste your time on this one morddwyd there are plenty of things that are wrong with Parliament and at least this one is not a case of lining his own pockets. Perhaps you have a better chance of lobing for more powers for the Scottish Parliament than bothering with who pays for M.Ps. postal expenses.

  morddwyd 13:35 08 Jul 2018

To paraphrase ....

.....all that is needed is for though people to do nothing.

If you nibble long enough at the edges without hindrance you'll eventually get to the middle.

  Forum Editor 19:01 08 Jul 2018

He's lobbying in a good cause, isn't he?

Take the broader view, and realise that there's nothing morally wrong with what he's done - he's acting in the interests of the community. Contemplating a formal complaint to the Standards Commissioner strikes me as needlessly hounding someone out of pure spite over a minor issue.

Life's too short, for goodness sake. Put your obvious prejudice against the Tories aside.and find something important to fret about.

  morddwyd 19:36 08 Jul 2018

The fact that it is a good cause does not make it morally right: and we don't know that it is a good cause. Since the letter arrived after the meeting we don't know whether he is for or against.

This is a rural community, farming, ex-fishing and an ageing population.

The arrival of a letter in an envelope beating the House of Commons portcullis, on notepaper carrying the same particulars, makes people think it has official sanction. It did me, until I saw "Dear Occupier".

Westminster must understand they can no longer intervene in devolved matters.

I'm surprised I am letting my anti Tory prejudice show, I, who think Margaret the best Prime Minister since Pitt the younger, who is proud of his founder membership, along with Margaret, of the Vermin Club, and whose ideal scenario is Ruth Davidson in Bute House!

  Forum Editor 22:40 08 Jul 2018

"I'm surprised I am letting my anti Tory prejudice show"

And yet you did. I can't think that "There was a meeting yesterday, so pretty incompetent, but he's a Tory so par for the course!" is anything else.

"Since the letter arrived after the meeting we don't know whether he is for or against."

Well, what did the letter say - I assume you read it? You must have done, because in your opening post you said this man was lobbying on a proposed new care home. Now you're saying you don't know if he is for or against.

By the way, parliamentary privilege has got nothing to do with this.

  morddwyd 08:19 09 Jul 2018

I know.

I meant to say facilities.


  morddwyd 09:26 21 Jul 2018


My apologies; he is SNP not Tory (which perhaps says something about his profile in the constituency!) which makes it more surprising that he is risking treading on Holyrood's toes.

He has written back to me saying that he has a duty to respond to constituents concerns.

I have told him I had expressed no such concerts, and his letter was not to a constituent but to "The Occupier", which makes his letter a circular, and little more than spam!


  Quickbeam 09:42 21 Jul 2018

" pretty incompetent, but he's a Tory so par for the course!"

Have you become a card carrying Corbynite recently? I thought that you were more Tory than Maggie herself!

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