Abuse at care home.

  Cymro. 12:25 01 Jun 2011


I was a little surprised that this had not already come up on this forum. Anyway what are we to make of this dreadful story?

  Cymro. 12:26 01 Jun 2011

Sorry mised out on the linklink text

  Pine Man 13:52 01 Jun 2011

'Anyway what are we to make of this'

All organisations have there bad 'apples' why expect any more from care workers?

  RussB78 13:55 01 Jun 2011

I hope all the people responsible for this dreadful cruelty to patients, finish up doing a good long jail term, where all the other jail inmates know who they are and why they are there.

  wee eddie 16:20 01 Jun 2011

And what is to be done to the people that run these Homes, pay their employees the Minimum Wage, then expect them to work antisocial hours and unpaid overtime, launder their own uniform and fine them for minor infractions of Company Policy? Then expect them to shower 4 people in 20 minutes.

Diddy Squat, that's what.

Don't get me wrong, nothing excuses the behaviour exibited, but it might be worth while considering how many of those "Attendants" got there.

  Grey Goo 19:02 01 Jun 2011

*wee eddie *

Do you think that these Oafs will try and defend themselves by claiming that having to wash their own underwear turned them into Thugs.

  zzzz999 20:14 01 Jun 2011

It was a horrendous watch and you have to wonder at the so called careworkers inhumanity. I was pleased to read that the Police had arrested 4 of them after watching the programme.

  wee eddie 22:42 01 Jun 2011

The only people that you will get to work for the Slave Wages that the Owners offer are those that can find no other employment.

OK, there are a few Saints that really Try and Care, but would you work, roughly 60 hours, backshift, for a little over £200 a week. I think not.

In many cases the "Care" Home Owners have degraded the Status of their Staff to such a level that only the weird and the desparate will work for them.

  wee eddie 22:47 01 Jun 2011

Look beyond the obvious, to try and find out why these things happen!

  spuds 23:16 01 Jun 2011

Having seen the program, it makes you think as to what the world is coming to. Here we had a case of a whistle-blower who tried his hardest to make contact with the management and the regulator, and he was totally ignored.

There is no point in the regulator or the management of these homes stating that they are very sorry, because very sorry is a total blank word when you are or have been abused, possibly as a daily event, as shown in the program.

All to often it is becoming more easy for people to falsify records, and again it showed it in the program. There is no point in the regulator stating that everything seemed well, on records alone, when a whistle-blowers comment are totally ignored.

All the people involved should be in investigated, and that should include the regulator and his staff, plus the management and staff. And if need be, the appropriate actions taken.

I would also suspect that this is by no means an isolated case, but happens only to frequently and daily in some establishments. There are some very caring people out there, and I have known a few who have worked in care homes and similar establishments. But how can you expect some of these more caring people to cope, when they themselves are perhaps being bullied?.

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