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  Ancient Learner 12:47 10 Aug 2005

I keep having a look there, and trying to help where I think I can. I know that others are doing the same thing.

The matter that natters me , is that it is so easy to forget just who has asked the question. I find that very few people that I speak to, seem to have even used the 'right click', and the control panel is a terror to them, that is, if they know of its existence.

It really is not a lot of good telling them to switch this of and switch that on, without saying, in detail, how to do it, and if they need to download something you are probably asking them to do that for the very first time, not something that comes naturally; like do I want to save or open it, without a thought of where to save it so that it can be found again. (For you and me it's second nature, but not for the questioner). Click heres may be helpful, but the puzzlement when it is done is likely to be considerable, without further details.

And you can bet that it took some courage to even use that forum, never mind ask how to do something that they have been told to do, which makes them feel, wrongly of course, that they must be thick.

So this is really a plea for us to really get down to basics, please, and read what they ask, which, I admit, may not be at all clear.

  wee eddie 13:22 10 Aug 2005

Although it might take a moment longer to enter ones reply. A blow by blow description of what to do, should not be too difficult.

  watchful 19:00 10 Aug 2005

It does become second nature for those of us who are more familiar with the settings etc. and I, for one, always appreciate it if every 'i' is dotted and every 't' crossed when I seek advice.

  p;3 23:14 10 Aug 2005

click here sentiments echoed in this thread in Absolute beginners section::)

  Forum Editor 00:40 11 Aug 2005

out of a non-existent molehill please.

We're getting some very positive feedback from absolute beginners - it's still very early days, and I hope that we can allow things to settle there without protracted debates about what helpers are doing wrong. It's easy to pick faults, but frankly we're delighted with the way that some forum members are going to great lengths to help in that area.

So far the only complaints seem to have come from people who aren't absolute beginners.

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