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About libel.

  Forum Editor 01:59 14 Sep 2004

From time to time this subject crops up, and when it does it always provokes a discussion about what does (or doesn't) constitute a libellous statement.

It's not my job, or anyone else's for that matter, to lecture you on legal definitions. Lawyers do that for a living, and we'll leave it to them, but for the purposes of the day to day conduct of our forum we do have to make some ground rules. We'll delete any threads or posts which in our opinion contain libellous statements, and our decision as to what is (or isn't) libellous is final.

We don't have to do it very often - most people resist the temptation to make libellous statements - but when we do delete posts we often err on the side of caution. If it happens to you don't feel even slightly offended, it's not personal, and it's done for the best of reasons.

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