9/11 outburst sparks US walkout!

  Uboat 10:41 24 Sep 2010

Ok i know this is a story some would like to see forgotten about but This is a high profile president grilling the US on a VERY sensitive subject & ive got to be honest "Ahmadinejad" has a point over the last few years ive noticed more and more people belive this theory that it was a "Inside job"
whats your views?

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  Mr Mistoffelees 10:47 24 Sep 2010

Are those the same people who believed the Sunday Sport claim to have found a bus on The Moon?

  Uboat 10:50 24 Sep 2010

lol yeah true.

  bjh 10:51 24 Sep 2010

It was NOT an inside job. 19 named terrorists planned it, did it, and openly claimed responsibility for it.

OH, and breaking news... Prince Philip did not plan the murder of Diana. There is no "Area 41" and the moon landings did occur.

Conspiracy theories abound... the REASONS such theories gain popular credence can be quite interesting.

  wolfie3000 11:42 24 Sep 2010

It saddens me when someone mentions the words conspiracy theory then people start shouting nutjobs and such,

Iv spent many hours if not days looking over the whole 9/11 tragedy and there are a few things that don't add up.

The pentagon lawn for one, also the fact the twin towers were built to withstand direct hits from airplanes yet they fell into there own footprints.

The 9/11 commission report stated that the jet fuel caused the steel structure to fail causing the towers to collapse, yet the jet fuel burnt off within seconds of the plane hitting.

Steel columns cut at perfect 45 degree angles, building 7 collapsing into its own footprint yet not hit by a plane.

To me there's still many questions that need to be answered.

  Uboat 11:56 24 Sep 2010

Hi Woolfie! "Awwww" lol yeah i agree totaly with you there! i also have researched this over the years and its a clouded subject that doesnt add up.?

I noticed last year sometime a new member created a thread about the 9/11 and he was torn too pieces by some members who stated it was terrorists PERIOD! as well as they can say "conspiracy theory's" we can say "Do you belive everything the goverments tell you"...

  al's left peg 12:18 24 Sep 2010

I don't think anybody really knows how 9/11 was planned and by whom. Bin Laden had family living in America at the time of the event, and they were supposed to be evacuated by the US govt just after the attacks! Surely they would of been held as suspects.
The USA then goes and bombs Afghanistan and Iraq but the supposed suspects came from Saudi Arabia, why did Bush not bomb that country? The Saudi's allowed their country to be used as a staging post for the USA for the gulf conflicts and still do to this day I believe for what is going on in Afghanistan, yet there is never any mention of terrorist activity directed towards USA interests from within that country.
If reports are to be believed The SAS had strong intel of Bin Ladens location after the Tora Bora bombing campaign but the USA let him ride off into the sunset on a bloody donkey.
I would never call the conspiracy theorists nutters, a friend of mine is convinced it was all planned within the USA, take it from me he is not a nutter.
I know we all witnessed the planes hitting the twin towers but I would question the footage at the Pentagon. Here is the most important US military building in the world hit by a 757 and they show a ten second framed footage of it, and that's all they have! My local Sainsbury's has better CCTV than the Pentagon? I don't think so. It's a interesting subject which many people have an opinion on.
I don't believe everything the governments tell me, I mean Tony Blair said there were WMD's in Iraq.....there was not!!!!

  KremmenUK 12:23 24 Sep 2010

The moon landing is the one that gets me.

I just don't understand how they can take photos up there with a bog standard Hasselblad camera and the film didn't get trashed by the radiation outside of the Van Allen Belt.

Probably a logical explanation..........

  wolfie3000 12:53 24 Sep 2010

Well to be honest there will be people would will believe blindly that it was an inside job and will go along with any "evidence" thats presented,

Having said that, there are those who will believe anything there government tells them too.

We have to be subjective with this, lets not look at some pictures and say oh this proves the whole thing was done by terrorists or these photos prove it was an inside job.

But to me the weight of evidence leaning towards it being an "inside job" is to hard to ignore.

  jakimo 13:17 24 Sep 2010

Armchair theorists may want to believe in a conspiracy, despite denials the truth lies in what followed in numerous places after this mass murder.

What is a fact is that I saw lots of rejoicing here in the Midlands when the two towers collapsed,and just days later in a certain establishment you could buy a video of the TV coverage for a fiver 'celebrating' 9\11.

What I cant confirm is that for obvious reasons efforts were alledgely made to keep the 'Celebration video' and street rejoicing as low a profile as possible.

  BT 17:07 24 Sep 2010

Not exactly a Bog Standard Hasselblad but a highly modified 500EL
For a start it had no viewfinder so that Armstrong couldn't see what he was taking.

"The Hasselblad Armstrong carried had a special silver finish to allow it to withstand extreme temperature changes and used a glass Reseau plate which added a 5x5 grid of crosses to the images. These markings allowed NASA HQ to account for film distortion and calculate distances on the final images.

The Moon landing Hasselblad 500EL also ditched conventional lubricants for a low-friction alternative and was motor-driven to avoid the need for winding on."

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