90% of Britons think the UK's Brexit negotiations

  Quickbeam 17:44 20 Mar 2019

...have humiliated the country

I'm only surprised that the figure quoted is so low!

  roger.roger 18:25 20 Mar 2019

I'm only surprised that the figure quoted is so low!

I agree.

I thought I had the perfect answer and booked my holidays for the 28th March, stretched out on some sun soaked beach sipping a long cool drink but now she put a spanner in the works and asked for an extension.


  Forum Editor 18:34 20 Mar 2019

Well now...

I wonder what question was asked to produce that statistic - the article in your link doesn't say. I wonder if it was "Do think the UK's behaviour as we move to leave the European Union has humiliated us as a country?"

The same poll asked who is to blame for the UK government and the EU not being able to agree a Brexit deal MPs are willing to accept. Sixty four percent of the population did not think that the primary fault lay with the British government.

I'm only surprised that the figure quoted is so low.

  Al94 19:07 20 Mar 2019

I never thought I'd agree with Piers Morgan - but in this case I do! "Enough of this Brexit crap. The Prime Minister hasn't got a clue what she's doing. Our MPs haven't got a clue what they're doing either. Let's just leave on March 29, with no deal, and get on with it. We'll survive & may even thrive. Anything's better than this."

  john bunyan 19:07 20 Mar 2019

The primary architect of the U.K. side is Ollie Robbins, an unelected Civil Servant. Several Brexit Secretaries have come and gone. This Brexit discussion should have been supervised by a cross party committee from the start as both main parties had Leave in their Manifesto. The hard Right ERG group have the primary responsibility for the utter chaos that we see now, and we could end up with either a No Deal disaster or being forced by the EU into another referendum as a condition of a delay. If I were Barnier I would give one month to sign the deal , and if no signature, one more month to hold a referendum or No Deal ensues. There is a deadline of around End April as by then candidates for the next MEP election are to be agreed, and if we delay longer we will have to take part and who knows what would happen then. A total C* up ; the 27 have shown remarkable solidarity and our Parliament looks like a bunch of squabbling teens. A Corbyn Government May well ensue. I really admire FE’s optimism and hope a last minute solution is found

  Quickbeam 19:39 20 Mar 2019

Lighten up people, it wasn't a serious post!

And it is International Happy Day...

  lotvic 19:40 20 Mar 2019

False Figures. It doesn't say what percentage of UK Britons were asked. I wasn't asked. I wonder what percentage of UK Britons never got asked these questions.

  Quickbeam 19:40 20 Mar 2019

...and there's still 4 hours left!

  Old Deuteronomy 20:42 20 Mar 2019

A Corbyn Government May well ensue.

The Tory idiot squad need booting out, so they can consider the error of their ways whilst not in a position of power. The current mess is entirely of their own making and no good them just blaming the previous government, as that was also them.

  LastChip 21:02 20 Mar 2019

A194 - quite!

  Forum Editor 22:40 20 Mar 2019

"I really admire FE’s optimism"

Thank you, but I don't think I have expressed much optimism recently.

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