74 families to lose their homes in Peterborough

  hssutton 19:30 05 Oct 2016

Not sure if this is a wind-up. but these families are being kicked out to make way for homeless people. Apparently these house are owned by property firm Stef and Philips. The firm are now signing a deal with Peterborough City Council for the empty properties to be used as overnight accommodation for families without a home.

families to lose their homes

  bumpkin 20:19 06 Oct 2016

negotiate a price that's equivilent to the rent that the present tenants are paying.

The owners will not accept that for obvious reasons.

  oresome 20:38 06 Oct 2016

Sorry, but that is not entirely true. There are numerous private landords out there that rent out their properties on a renewable tenancy often a 3/6 monthly one. That is probably what this company has done

So what does the landlord do when the tenant doesn't leave?

  bumpkin 23:09 06 Oct 2016

So what does the landlord do when the tenant doesn't leave?*

Evicts them eventually and probably at considerable expense. As always it is those that do not play by the rules or pay their way that make it so difficult and expensive for genuine tenants. Letting to a council they know they will be paid and I would think that they would have a full repairs clause in the agreement. As FE said, it is a commercial arrangement. It is not a charity.

  Forum Editor 07:31 07 Oct 2016

"Letting to a council they know they will be paid"

And only have to deal with one customer, instead of dozens.

  oresome 10:37 07 Oct 2016

My question was rhetorical.

The landlord has to get a repossession order from the courts and send in the bailiffs.

The landlord cannot simply send in the heavies and change the locks.

The 74 families concerned can make it difficult and expensive for the landlord unless they come to some agreement.

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