64 bit CPU v 32 bit CPU

  CurlyWhirly 23:05 08 Aug 2004

With all the talk of 64 bit processors I was just wondering how my current AMD Athlon XP 3000+ would compare with the 64 bit version which I think is the AMD 64 3000+?

I don't think it will be twice as fast as there isn't 64 bit software out yet so would there be say a 10% increase in speed?
I was thinking along the lines of gaming where you need a powerful CPU for example I have just bought a X800 Pro and even though I have heard that 32 bit processors 'bottleneck' this high end card I can't say I have noticed!

  Forum Editor 23:27 08 Aug 2004

talk about speed, and whether or not one processor is 2 nanoseconds quicker at opening a Word document is of scant interest to 99% of the world's computer users. You certainly wouldn't notice the difference, although gaming is one area where raw processing power comes in handy.

Microsoft has effectively put the brakes on the 64bit revolution by announcing that it's delaying the arrival of the 64bit PC and server versions of Windows. The company wants to allow the Windows XP SP2 to have a run for its money, and although you can still get test versions of Windows XP and Windows server 2003 there's not a lot going to happen in tyhat direction for quite a while.

By all means get a 64bit motherboard and processor but for the time being you'll have to be content with running 32bit software on them.

If I was in your shoes I would stick with what I had got for a while - the talk about 64bit computing will go on, but in view of the delay Microsoft will find scant interest from peripheral manufacturers if it asks them to develop 64bit drivers for their products.

  CurlyWhirly 23:43 08 Aug 2004

Forum Editor

I agree with you!
What I should have made clear is that if the 64 bit version of my current processor is only (say) 10% faster then there is very little point in me upgrading just for the sake of it especially as you correctly point out that there is no 64 bit software out yet.

Also (as you point out) Microsoft have delayed the 64 bit version of Windows to rightly concentrate on SP2 as it has unfortunately suffered bad publicity with all the internet worms, viruses, hackers, etc.
This was made worse by people not bothering to patch their systems I know as I was one of the millions of PC users around the world that caught that Blaster worm!

I have learned my lesson now and have set the automatic update feature accordingly!
Finally that's why I said that I hadn't noticed that my XP 3000+ was a 'bottleneck' as I have read various 64 bit benchmarks and my benchmark is quite favourable IMHO!

p.s. When is the next issue of PC Advisor out?
I can't wait to read the interview with Microsoft and it's forthcoming SP2 and other security issues!

  Chegs ® 00:41 09 Aug 2004

A question I always wanted to ask,a 64Bit CPU is approx 10% faster than a 32Bit,OK.What about the dual CPU boards,would they count as a seudo 64Bit CPU(especially if no software I have ever heard about can use them efficiently)

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