60th birthday...ideas?

  Brumas 23:23 21 Jul 2006

My wife will be 60 next Wednesday, we have been married for 32 years, and I still love her to bits. She is disabled, I am her carer so money is ‘tight’ what can I give her for this special birthday? She collects really old picture postcards (too expensive for me to buy any sizeable amount), she reads avidly but we have more books than a small library and when we do go to the library we generally take out 16-18 between us!

I joke and tell her that I am buying her a new car for her birthday but in reality DLA change our car on that date anyway and we shall be receiving our new Golf on that date. Obviously when we pick the car up we shall have lunch out in a nice restaurant but this isn’t anything new that we wouldn’t normally do.

My daughter and Son live too far away to ‘drop-in’ and surprise her so any ideas ?

  SG Atlantis® 23:43 21 Jul 2006

Only you will know...

How about attempting to get a signed book from her favourite author?

  rdave13 23:46 21 Jul 2006

One idea I can think of is buy her an expensive card and wright on it all the things you love about her. Simple ,honest and truthful. Enjoy your wife's birthday.

  rdave13 23:47 21 Jul 2006


  sean-278262 00:00 22 Jul 2006

May I suggest getting her a necklace of some form (maybe getting it engraved) and then getting loads and loads of packaging. Go to your local shop and ask for an assortment of boxes then wrap it all up and make the whole thing take an eternity to unwrap. I have found this method to be quite pleasing especially when the item inside is of little value but sentiment is of huge value to the owner.

Also she shares a great day for the birthday. Same as mine. Wishing you all the best


  silverous 00:23 22 Jul 2006

I know that my wife always appreciates it when I attempt poetry ... usually more like a limerick actually. It might not be a big thing, and maybe you do/have done this anyway, but perhaps write a poem about your 32 years together.

Another creative idea might be to make a collage of family photographs and put it in a nice frame to give her.

Very difficult even for your own family to get 'the right' present sometimes but sometimes, and I think in this situation, it really is 'the thought that counts'.

  rdave13 00:55 22 Jul 2006

Totally agree with you. That's why I suggested some intemacy through the written word and the inclusion of nearly four decades of photos can't be bettered. Difficult though.

  wolfie3000 01:55 22 Jul 2006

Well one thing i did for my girlfriend was chocolate covered strawberries served with whipped cream, She loved them so there one suggestion,

Heres the recipe,

click here

Roses also go down well for loved ones.

Anyway i hope you and your wife have a great day. :)

  €dstowe 07:11 22 Jul 2006

What a super idea!

Noted carefully for some birthday occasions coming up soon (parents).

  Forum Editor 08:51 22 Jul 2006

pick a nice location, not too far away, and take here there, so she can see how the place has changed since the photograph was taken.

  Brumas 10:24 22 Jul 2006

Thanks for all the thoughtful, unusual and sincere responses so far. I shall have to put my thinking cap on now to decide which one.

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