60 years wait for this!

  Sapins 15:48 03 Jun 2012

What a shambles this event is. Television coverage is abysmal, still it's keeping me busy trying to count Philips medals!

  Flak999 16:08 03 Jun 2012

One thing that strikes me as being significant, viewing the TV pictures and the news feeds and syndicated pictures is the almost complete lack of any ethnic minority involvement either in the pageant or amongst the spectators!

I wonder why that is?

  Forum Editor 18:37 03 Jun 2012

I assume you mean the Thames river pageant?

Televising something like that in the pouring rain from cameras that are often on boats isn't exactly a TV producer's dream, but the consensus in our house was that it went pretty well.

  Forum Editor 18:41 03 Jun 2012


You obviously don't live in London. It's not conceivable that any public event in this city would have an "almost complete lack of any ethnic minority involvement"

There was plenty of ethnic mix on the streets along the river banks, and plenty in the pageant. There were at least three or four none-white faces in the group of singers with the London Philharmonic orchestra, for instance.

  Aitchbee 19:32 03 Jun 2012

The Queen's choice of outfit was just right for the occasion - Lady In White.Spectators could 'pick out' Her Majesty a mile away. Camilla, who was also in a pale cream outfit wisely stood in the centre 'out of sight', surrounded by all those militarily clad royals and Kate, who was Lady In Red.

  Aitchbee 20:13 03 Jun 2012

...I hope they all had their thermals on 'underneath'.

  Woolwell 20:59 03 Jun 2012

I thought that the pageant itself went well especially as it was windy and at the end pouring with rain. However I did think that the tv coverage was below standard and some the filling in pieces were particularly poor. Overall though I thought how good it was and certainly not a shambles.

  Flak999 21:53 03 Jun 2012

Forum Editor

"You obviously don't live in London"

Not in central London no, I live just outside Uxbridge in the Greater London area. You say there was "plenty of ethnic mix on the streets along the river banks, and plenty in the pageant."

Well, that does not seem to have been picked up in many of the pictures I have seen, and the lack of black faces has been commented on in many on-line forums.

  finerty 23:02 03 Jun 2012

hey flack if u want to see ethnic monority u have Southall, Hayes, Hounslow, Harrow,Alperton, East London, Wood Green, im sure there are plenty of other plaves in London. Sheperds Bush, Earls Court, Even in Uxbridge.

  Flak999 23:21 03 Jun 2012


I do know that there are plenty of ethnic minorities in London! I was commenting on their perceived lack of involvement in today's celebrations along the Thames!

  Forum Editor 23:43 03 Jun 2012


Whether or not people decide to attend public events is up to them, it's a free country. I'm not sure I understand what you're driving at,to be honest.

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