6 website commenters who you'd want to avoid

  simonjary 07:03 26 Jun 2014

Anyone who strays from these forums on the rest of the site may be shocked at some of the comments our articles receive.

Matt Egan, our esteemed Editor in Chief, has defined six types of online commenter who should be avoided at all costs.

  morddwyd 07:24 26 Jun 2014

"The fact is no-one intends to publish a typo."

Oh, Simon!

How can you keep a straight face?

You might at least have put it under one of the other headings!

  carver 07:48 26 Jun 2014

simonjary I'm sorry but if you are going to publish something like that please take note that in listing 6 , paragraph 3, first sentence you have used a full stop by mistake, if you intended to use a full stop then the next word should have started with a capital letter.

Sorry couldn't resist, put hat on and retreat to safe distance.

  wee eddie 08:16 26 Jun 2014


  Forum Editor 08:30 26 Jun 2014

Matt has, as usual, hit the nail squarely on the head. I can't be the only person in our forum that felt a faint blush of guilt when reading his definitions.

We have representatives of all those groups here - in fact, it might be a dull old place without them.

  Quickbeam 08:35 26 Jun 2014

No comment.

  john bunyan 10:01 26 Jun 2014

As a bit of a grammar policeman, in that paragraph you say "be publically disappointed.." The usual spelling is publicly. I know that the alternative is sometimes used! I feel guilty now.

  natdoor 11:52 26 Jun 2014

An oxymoron, "journalistic ethics".

Spelling mistakes: "msitakes", "pice", "uses" (within context).

Incorrect grammatical construction: "in the interests of not being seen to lost an argument"

Inability to comprehend a poorly expressed, but nevertheless clear, criticism.

Should he be fired? Of course not! You would be hard pressed to find an article with fewer errors anywhere in the press these days.

  Aitchbee 12:32 26 Jun 2014

... I prefer to make up my own words 'n' expressions [at times].

  Flak999 12:39 26 Jun 2014

"We have representatives of all those groups here"

We certainly do!

Particularly the grammar police!

  carver 13:31 26 Jun 2014

Flak99 are you sure that an exclamation mark was justified and not just a full stop, because over use of said mark can have a negative effect.

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